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Genevieve Morton


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2 hours ago, Rob S said:


Yeah I did too, a nice collection although annoyingly tantalizing image numbers....when will the other 280 pics ever show up :D


No shame in making money from beauty.  Her body is artwork.  There are 280 others?  I bough her calendar, not sure about this one.

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Well, I bought it.  A couple nice pictures, but not worth 32.50 for me.  There should be some good stuff for that price.  The calendar was way better.  Gen should give those who bought the 31 photos the 280 other shots.  IMO not worth it at all.


I am glad she is sharing art with the world but the value equation here is not good.  Ugh.

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1 hour ago, Sanni said:

Hmm, these ventures are a bit weird to me. It seems that as a SI model she should be getting enough paid work so that she wouldn’t need to do or have time for this kind of modelling.


She has a great body.  I totally understand her making some money while she can.  I would do the same.  It's artistic too IMO.

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I think perhaps it would've been better to have 311 image thumbnails on a virtual lightbox and we pick the 31 we want....pick your fave out of 18, 21 and 24...don't give us all three when you've only got 31 pics for your money....then there's the 43, 44 near duplication. But they are great images

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