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Kate Upton


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i KNOW im going to get SHOT down for this, BUT i prefer her body to Candices, she has more curves, a very classic M Monroe look, LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE it
I agree!! I love Candice but I prefer a curvier body like Kate's it's very womanly

Truer words have never been spoken. Candice is nothing but photoshop/airbrushing and a good pushup bra. And I don't care what anyone says, her body is SERIOUSLY disproportionate. Having wide hips isn't a problem but you need something up on top or you start to resemble a cartoon character. Too much pear shaping for my likes..

Kate has REAL curves, and she's American (sorry I'm very pro my country :heart::laugh: ) this makes her win my book.

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Big thanks Katia for posting that pic! She is so gorgeous! Her hair is just amazing!

Also thanks twinkle for those videos soooooo cute!!! :hug: it's funny how even when Julie and ALyssa are posing the camera still goes back on to Kate.. Her beauty overshadows the others.

One thing though is that I find her a little overly giddy and sometimes she seems a tad bit ditzy but I know she's only 18 and it's her first year so she's excited :) love her though!!!

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^ yup Twinkle i think so too.. Speaking of experience I think she'll be with SI for many years to come! Not only because of the rookie of the year thing but MJ seems to really like Kate and she seems to be getting quite a bit of attention. Her look just screams SI! Also I think she'll

be a good fit for VS.... They need more models with Kate's body shape :) I know she had done some work for them but they need to sign her up and really get her in the campaigns

thanks Siniko

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