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The Best Vogue Cover....

Vogue Girl

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This is the list of the winters of this eliminations....

Round 1: Doutzen Kroes (Vogue Italy February 2005) by lilso78

Round 2: Adriana Lima (Vogue Brazil August 2003) by dizzymisslizzy

Round 3: Isabeli Fontana (Vogue Brazil October 2005) by FRANCY ITALY

Round 4: Shana Zadrick (Vogue Italia October 1991) by michelabella

Round 5: Linda Evangelista (Vogue UK September 1991) by Joe<Average

Round 6: Raquel Zimmermann (Vogue Russia October 2008) by me

Round 7: Tatjana Patitz (Vogue UK October 1989) by michelabella

Round 8: Laetitia Casta (Vogue Paris June/July 2008) by lisa-1

Round 9: Nadja Auermann (Vogue Italy July 1994) by Chocolate

Round 10: Christy, Claudia, Naomi, Linda, Cindy, Tatjana, Yasmeen, Niki, Karen & Elaine (Vogue US April 1992) by me

Round 11: Tatjana & Elaine (Vogue Paris June/July 1990) by michelabella

Round 12: Anna Jagodzinska (Vogue Italia October 2008) by Layla90

Round 13: Cindy Crawford (Vogue UK July 1988) by michelabella

Round 14: Gemma Ward (Vogue Italia May 2007) by Thiago

Round 15: Karen Mulder (Vogue Paris December 1994/January 1995) by michelabella

Round 16: Anna Selezneva (Vogue Paris September 2008) by Layla90

Round 17: Christy Turlington (Vogue Nippon May 2008) by me

Round 18: Bianca Balti (Vogue Mexico September 2008) by FRANCY ITALY

Round 19: Claudia Schiffer (Vogue UK October 1989) by michelabella

Round 20: Isabeli Fontana (Vogue Italia Beauty August 2002) by FRANCY ITALY

Round 21: Linda, Christy & Cindy (Vogue UK June 1991) by michelabella

Round 22: Helena Christensen (Vogue Paris November 1992) by michelabella

Round 23: Stephanie Seymour (Vogue Spain 1990 or 91) by michelabella

Round 24: Karen Mulder (Vogue UK April 1991) by michelabella

Round 25: Lily Donaldson (Vogue UK March 2009) by me

Round 26: Gisele Bundchen (Vogue Paris October 2007) by michelabella

Round 27: Isabeli Fontana (Vogue Germany January 2009) by FRANCY ITALY

Round 28: Christy Turlington (Vogue UK February 1992) by michelabella

Round 29: Adriana Lima (Vogue Brazil September 2003) by dizzymisslizzy

Round 30: Claudia Schiffer (Vogue US May 1992) by michelabella

Round 31: Christy & Naomi (Vogue Paris March 1992) by michelabella

Round 32: Kate Moss (Vogue Spain May 2008) by Chocolate

Round 33: Linda Evangelista (Vogue Paris February 1990) by michelabella

Round 34: Christy Turlington (Vogue Italia October 1989) by michelabella

Round 35: Daria, Natalia, Gisele, Isabeli, Karolina, Liya, Hana, Gemma & Karen (Vogue US September 2004) by FRANCY ITALY

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