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  1. amazing thanks!!! if only we had those:
  2. thank u! she is just gorgeous!
  3. Yes Puma it's true it can looks like to Amalia! it's the hair wich reminds me Marlon! Ok, one very easy, but love it coz it's often used! The copies: (click on it) Find the inspiration
  4. wow thank u ngan she is so pretty too bad those marks
  5. I don't know who is the inspiration! but I have found who is the hair's inspiraration
  6. Merry Christmas to all BB fans and we continue to postand support the great Brigitte Bardot!
  7. Is it the good answer Expresso? we can continue?
  8. Laetitia Casta: Thumbnails exceeding 1,050 pixtels in size must be shrunk, posted as attatchments, posted as links or posted as reduced thumbnails. Please see the rules of Bellazon HERE. ~ Post Edited by Joe > Average FIND THE INSPIRATION
  9. Post picture or video and find the copy or the inspiration for example: Laetitia Casta (the copy): Inspiration: Venus Duffy (the copy): Inspiration: Brigitte Bardot Anna Nicole Smith (the copy): Marilyn Monroe (the inspiration):
  10. thanks Karol!!!! have u some from Anna Karenina or Chouans?
  11. Hope we will find them coz they are gorgeous!
  12. thanks and Happy Birthday Vanessa! Miami dolphins game, december 19 th, 2010 Vanessa in Versailles
  13. Happy Birthday still beautful!
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