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'Suite 502'

Ph.:Katja Rahlwes

Model: Magdalena Frackowiak

Magazine: Vogue España June 2011

-Scanned by me-

^Thanks a lot for those scans. :thumbsup:

There was a play-around kinda background video that went along with the Reserved shots and, since nobody else had done, I got that thing up and on YouTube:


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From- boryssynak.wordpress.com

"I had not neglected the blog, but what is the usual workload, this has been the establishment of the company and deal with all formalities in this connection no two days of tests with models from agencies Avant Models, but more on that soon: )

Together with Sebastian was our pleasure to assist in the session in which she participated was Magdalena Frackowiak: ) You see, however, dreams do come true: ) Just four months ago did not think we'd meet me in the street, and suddenly we find ourselves with it in one session: ) Hard work pays off in the dreams come true: )

It is a very nice and humble, and who would have thought: ) impressed us great: ) There was no problem to take a quick session with her​​, which of course could not stand the laugh-company I disarmed the two ogres: P

Now, riding through the streets, looking at the posters Reserved say "here is my friend" haha.

Soon more: )"

post-34463-0-1445990342-06421_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1445990342-21664_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1445990342-24408_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1445990342-37701_thumb.jpg post-34463-0-1445990342-39926_thumb.jpg

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