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P2P programs

Which peer-to-peer program do you use?  

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  1. 1. Which peer-to-peer program do you use?

    • Kazaa
    • DC++
    • eMule
    • eDonkey
    • iMesh
    • Soulseek
    • Torrent
    • LimeWire
    • other (specify)

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IRC, everything else really just blows as far as my experience with them goes. IRC is good because if you find a single person with the file you want, you can get it, unlike a lot of other file sharing software.

Of course it can be a tad bit difficult to use though, when your first starting out.

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Guest quasicartes
Limewire.  I heard about torrents but don't know how to use 'em.


You need a Torrent program. I use TorrentTornado.

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Guest quasicartes

LimeWire is amazingly fast for music downloads and quality is great too.

Using eMule, it took 2 hours to download a single track. It just took 10 mins on LimeWire.

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Everything is screwed up for me. If you're after a song you should stick with Limewire and all those.

Soulseek is good for less usual types of music.

I just use torrents and just download the whole album. Takes about 25 minutes :ninja:

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