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I think the outfits are looking great. I am so excited i counted 5 wings so far

Alessandra and Selita have wings for Glamour Goddesses,Heidi has the red bow, Adriana has white wings with her bra and Miranda has butterfly wings. So thats 5 so far which means roughly there should be another 6-7 cos there are usually 12 wings my thoughts on who gets them are...

Izabel to close a segment...In 2005,2006 and 2007 she closed a segment with wings

Maybe Candice for PINK will wear wings and close the segment

Isabeli i hope she finally will get some wings this year

Karolina...she always has wings and if she doesnt i wont be happy...

Other possible girls...Julia,Inguna,Emanuela,Flavia

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05 & 06 Ana got wings, and normally I would bet money she'd get them again. BUT, the simple fact that she wasn't in the show last year and that it seems Ana might only have one outfit this year makes me think otherwise.

I'd love to see Isabeli and Candice get some wings. I'm positive they can pull them off. (I'm a firm believer that not every model can make wings looks 'heavenly')

For example, I love Doutzen but I don't think she carried wings off very well in 06, now Lima, who I don't like, carries wings beautifully and I always look forward to seeing her in them.

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Candice does look amazing. Hopefully it'll translate to the runway. Candice is one of those girls who needs to wear as little makeup as possible. Putting a lot of stuff on her face makes her look like a child playing dressup. Natural is better on her imo.

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