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For all the Rammstein fans, enjoy

Rammstein lyrics with translation (unoffical)

Rammstein is a German NDH-metal (New German Hardness) band. The band is widely accepted as part of the NDH-scene, alongside bands such as Oomph! and Die Krupps. Their sound has been dubbed as Tanz-Metall (lit. "Dance Metal").[1][2][3] Their songs are performed almost exclusively in German. Formed in 1994, they have sold over 14 million records worldwide.[4] Rammstein's entire catalogue is published by Universal Music Group.


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u mean listening to a german band. yes i do. there pretty cool actually.

PRETTY COOL!!! JUST PRETTY COOL!! hahah...ok back to not exagerating..

they are one of the best bands around...well we all do have different opinions..unfortunately hahahaha

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Me as a German can say... their textes are becoming sillier and sillier.. they're not caring abou their German fanbase anymore, just putting out one Album after another with no quality lyrics at all, because to the international audience, it doesn't matter.. geez :/

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