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    New Era

    Sorry if I put this thread on the wrong place.. But I'd like to know if anyone knows where any F.C Barcelona Caps can be bought.. I'd like the New Era Caps so if anyone can help me I'd appreciate it..
  2. {name}


    I don't think Beckham should leave R. Madrid.. Without Ronaldo also I'm starting to lose faith in them... I may be wrong but eghh.. Hopefully Robinho and Cicinho will still be pretty good to keep the scores up
  3. All three are great shows.. I can't choose the best because it really is out of Miami and Las Vegas.. But worst, well not worst but not that good, is New York
  4. Spanish League Soccer Real Madrid vs. Real Betis (02/17/2007)
  5. This is my art from 3 years ago
  6. {name}

    Now Playing

    Marylin Manson - This is the New Sh**
  7. This is my DesKTop on my DeskTop PC hehehe
  8. It didn't stop anyone from getting it LOL even if their resistance sux
  9. It looks Like she has teh LazyEye o.0
  10. Go to File and click under Add File to Library... or Add Folder to Library... and look for folders where you have teh videos
  11. {name}

    Kristen Bell

    These piX are just amazing
  12. add teh videos to ur iTunes Library and update ur iPod
  13. awww..man..these iPods get messed up to easily >.> LOL I've had like 4 already >.< They keep getting broken or something..*sigh* If this one I have now gets messed up I'm not buying anymore LOL
  14. No song makes me cry, but teh song that gets close to making me cry is a spanish song called "Los Recuerdos Me Hacen Llorar", literally meaning Teh Memories Make Me Cry.
  15. {name}


    For anyone who has seen the movie Happy Feet... or anyone who wants to help... I was wondering if anyone of you knew which song Pitbull sang in the movie.. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone knew and responded.. Thank You in advance
  16. {name}

    Kristen Bell

    She may be very pretty and hot... but in my opinion she sort of needs some style tips lol
  17. {name}


    who heard about the A's moving to Fremont? if you haven't well there you go.. they say that it will be around the 2008 era or something like that.. but I also hear rumors that the raiders want to move too... That's a big shame...
  18. PRETTY COOL!!! JUST PRETTY COOL!! hahah...ok back to not exagerating.. they are one of the best bands around...well we all do have different opinions..unfortunately hahahaha
  19. 1.Salma Hayek (2) 3.Carmen Electra(2) 4.Willa Ford (4) 6.Jennifer Aniston (3) 8.Charlize Theron (2)
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