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Marking my 2,000th post!

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thank u so much everyone!!! :grouphug:

and thanks for the (hard) candies AlbaforEver and for the postcard miss!!!!! :) :)

Pun intended, pun intended! :rofl:

Irebrings a song for u, on mah Quitar :guitar: Quz, y'know, musiQ maQes the people Qome together :hehe:



time goes by..

so slowly..

time goes by..

so slowly..

(but) only got 4mins to save the world..

time is waiting, i'm hung up on you..


:blush: :blush:

:laugh: :laugh: well I typed Hard Candy because that's the title of Madonna's latest album!!!

thanks so much sweetie for the song!!!

and yes time goes by sooooooo slowly, 3 months and 8 days till the Madonna show in Athens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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