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Women deserve us to try this. This is not difficult, it is about attitude. If it does not work at least we tried.

Just keep saying that hurting women is wrong. It may have an subconscious effect. Other people start to say the same etc. I'm affaid women will always be mistreated but maybe we can have an influence on how much. If we can prevent even one mistreat from happening we have succeeded.

Many things don't get better because people don't really want to do anything. I'm sure most of the men find hurting women is disgusting. We men should have the motivation to do this, right?

Thank you again gentlemen!

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There are plenty of non-drunk men who hit their wives. And it's not all about physical abuse. Calling names, ordering their wives around, saying degrading things .. all that is mental and emotional abuse as well and may do more long-term damage.

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