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14th FHM top list: Megan Fox


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Pretty much just goes to show how different the standards of beauty are outside of this forum. That list is compiled by hundreds of thousands, if not millions of voters. People aren't on this thinspiration / zomg we heart models bandwagon. And that's not such a bad thing. I'm happy for Megan.

100. Holly Willoughby

99. Marion Cotillard

98. Victoria Beckham

97. Roxanne Mckee

96. Nicola Roberts

95. Dannii Minogue

94. Billie Piper

93. Kylie Minogue

92. April Scott

91. Kirstie Allsopp

90. Amber Heard

89. Kristen Bell

88. Odette Yustman

87. Hannah Spearritt

86. Ellen Page

85. Gloria De Piero

84. Katie Holmes

83. Katherine Jenkins

82. Michelle Ryan

81. Anna Kournikova

80. Agyness Deyn [in what world?]

79. Mary Elizabeth Winstead

78. Gwen Stefani

77. Denise Richards

76. Chelsea Davy

75. Petra Nemcova

74. Stacy Keibler

73. Tricia Helfer

72. Eva Green

71. Fearne Cotton

70. Sienna Miller

69. Mandy Moore

68. Nadine Velazquez

67. Milla Jovovich

66. Kimberly Walsh

65. Emily Scott

64. Ali Larter

63. Alexa Chung

62. Holly Valance

61. Vanessa Hudgens

60. Cameron Diaz

59. Charlotte Mckenna

58. Marisa Miller

57. Jennifer Garner

56. Mischa Barton

55. Abbey Clancy

54. Evangeline Lilly

53. Shakira

52. Carmen Electra

51. Emma Griffiths

50. Rachel McAdams

49. Nicole Scherzinger

48. Kristin Kreuk

47. Monica Bellucci

46. Halle Berry

45. Katherine Heigl

44. Alesha Dixon

43. Nadine Coyle

42. Bar Refaeli

41. Lindsay Lohan

40. Heidi Klum

39. Natalie Portman

38. Olga Kurylenko

37. Avril Lavigne

36. Sarah Harding

35. Eva Mendes

34. Kelly Brook

33. Emma Watson

32. Sarah Michelle Gellar

31. Britney Spears

30. Maria Sharapova

29. Rachel Stevens

28. Charlize Theron

27. Jennifer Aniston

26. Jessica Simpson

25. Salma Hayek

24. Sophia Bush

23. Ana Ivanovic

22. Gisele Bundchen

21. Adriana Lima

20. Christina Aguilera

19. Jennifer Love Hewitt

18. Gemma Atkinson

17. Beyonce Knowles

16. Rachel Bilson

15. Alessandra Ambrosio

14. Eva Longoria

13. Jessica Biel

12. Kate Beckinsale

11. Rihanna

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^ That's the UK list, I believe.

And nine million people apparently voted for the US list, on which Heidi and Selita are the highest ranked models.

:heart: :heart: Thinspiration can kiss my ass. Call me rude, call that comment uncalled for but I'm so over these uber thin bitches, and Heidi and Selita don't fit the bill for the skinny-athalons. They have curves... YAY for curves. :heart: :heart:

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Here is the US version:

1. Megan Fox

2. Jessica Biel

3. Jessica Alba

4. Elisha Cuthbert

5. Scarlett Johansson

6. Emmanuelle Chriqui

7. Hilary Duff

8. Tricia Helfer

9. Blake Lively

10. Kate Beckinsale,

11. Hayden Panettiere

12. Angelina Jolie

13. Eva Mendes

14. Rihanna

15. Erica Durance

16. Lindsay Lohan

17. Kim Kardashian

18. Cameron Diaz

19. Ali Larter

20. Beyonce Knowles

21. Kaley Cuoco

22. Heidi Klum

23. Sienna Miller

24. Kristen Bell

25. Natalie Portman

26. Vanessa Hudgens

27. Selita Ebanks

28. Keira Knightley

29. Maria Sharapova

30. Rachel Bilson

31. Gisele Bundchen

32. Kate Bosworth

33. Halle Berry

34. Carmen Electra

35. Jessica Simpson

36. Adriana Lima

37. Evangeline Lilly

38. Katherine McPhee

39. Christina Aguilera

40. Cheryl Burke

41. Kristin Kreuk

42. Jennifer Aniston

43. Charlize Theron

44. Heidi Montag

45. Anna Faris

46. Shannon Elizabeth

47. Alessandra Ambrosio

48. Mayra Veronica

49. Katherine Heigl

50. Keeley Hazell

51. Anne Hathaway

52. Jenny McCarthy

53. Marisa Miller

54. Kate Hudson

55. Shakira

56. Tara Reid

57. Jennifer Love-Hewitt

58. Cassie Ventura

59. Eva Longoria Parker

60. Fergie

61. Ellen Page

62. Nicole Scherzinger

63. Grace Park

64. Stacy Kiebler

65. Katie Holmes

66. Leeann Tweeden

67. Liv Tyler

68. Kari Byron

69. Christina Ricci

70. Mischa Barton

71. Amanda Beard

72. Elizabeth Banks

73. Carrie Underwood

74. Kelly Hu

75. Pam Anderson

76. Rachelle Leah

77. Paris Hilton

78. Karina Smirnoff

79. Christine Lakin

80. Audrina Patridge

81. Mila Kunis

82. Alyssa Milano

83. Jenna Fischer

84. Maria from WWE

85. Olivia Munn

86. Reese Witherspoon

87. Madonna

88. Shamron Moore

89. Rachel McAdams

90. Summer Glau

91. Ashley Collette

92. Maggie Gyllenhaal

93. Whitney Able

94. Olga Kurylenko

95. Lauren Conrad

96. Carmit Bachar

97. Amber Heard

98. The Olly Girls

99. Victoria Beckham

100. Britney Spears

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Megan Fox is hot enough, but I doubt anyone will remember her name in five years.

I'm sorry on both the UK and US list Marisa should of placed in at least the top 20... and that fact that Selita placed higher then Gisele is sad,

Marisa, Adri, and Ale were all top-10 in the US last year. What the hell happened? <_< But I don't consider any list valid when it has all the "stars" from MTV's "The Hills" on it. :x

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You have a very good point mbinebri. Never watched the hills, though I'm subject to it's "fantasticness" by my sister-in-law on a semi-regular basis. And it's true, Megan will doubtlessly be forgotton in a few years, she is after all almost considered to be a knock-off from Angelina Jolie, minus the acting talent :\

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I'm glad for Meagan too and I'll always remember her :whistle: . Though I am surprised to see her # 1 on a list where the sky blue actress I like a lot more (Nadia Bjorlin) isn't even # 100 :whistle: .

Never paid much attention to the lists, but after looking at the American one...

I Hope I don't get in trouble for this :ninja: .

Some I could do without :ninja: .

Paris :ninja: , Britney :ninja: , Beckham :ninja: , Madonna :ninja: , Nichole Ricci :ninja: .

I love them, but in light of who missed the list, I'd move them off too...

Blake (love her though, but would move her in light of some that missed the list. And top 10 :ninja: ? )

Carrie Underwood (cute though and I love her :hug: )

Tara Reid (love her, but wouldn't put her on the list :ninja: )

Anne Hatheway (love her :hug: )

Vanessa Hudgins (cute, but hot :huh: ?)

Maggie Gyllenhaal (nothing against her).

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Paris :ninja: , Britney :ninja: , Beckham :ninja: , Madonna :ninja: , Nichole Ricci :ninja: .

apparently many guys still(?) find these :ninja: hot. but madonna's aight though. heck, she looks better than the rest of the girls you mentioned. and she's, what, 50? kudos, miz madge! ;)

paris, oh no. don't get me started on her...

posh? :sleep:

britney, oh, britney. i really adored her before. . . :(

and nicole richie? [it's spelled this way i believe] i like her because i loved her book the truth about diamonds. :laugh:

nicoe richie = sexy? :pinch:

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I hope Britney gets better soon :( . And yeah, I could have cut Madonna some slack :hehe: . Though this current Madonna is the only Madonna I really know, so I guess I just don't have the same fond memories that some have :laugh: :ninja: . And how long is that book? I might check it out :hehe: .


i don't have fond memories of her either but she's like old and she's fine.

nicole's book? it's like a "novel" about, surprise surprise, their kind of lifestyle. i bet you can imagine... :laugh:

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