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Models from the Eighties


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:surrender: I need some help whit names....


1. Beri Smither (I think this is her? !!!!)

2. Niki Taylor

3. Catherine Mc Cord?

4. Olatz Schnabel?



6. Alexandra Carlsson (she came no 2 in the Supermodel of the World 1989, she is from Sweden)

7. Bonnie Berman?

8. Rosemary Mcgrotha

9. Rosemary Mcgrotha

10. Monica Bellucci





14. Roberta Chirko

15. Nadege du Bospertus

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I think No:3 is Catherine Mccormick or some name close to it. I have a Glamour cover with her but I am not %100 sure.

No:8 and N0:9 are Rosemary Mcgrotha who is one of my favourites. I started a topic on her a few months ago.

No:7 may be Bonnie Berman, but again I am not sure... :unsure:

This is all can do to help you. ;)

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Is this Diane deWitt?

that looks ALOT be able to tell for sure if she had red lipstick on :blush:

back when i was a teen she was mostly a couture girl and they ALL wore red lips lolol

and the frederique covers are great, snmkytn

shes largely neglected, but she was just about

on the level of the other supers.. people just forget <_<


julie anderson in elle

cathy fedoruk in mirabella



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