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Models from the Eighties


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i need help with this old versace ad.... christy and paulina are obvious... but the girl with

the black bob...i reme...mber she was from iceland.... buti cant remember her name

if anyone has an idea....??????

Yeah penny I seem to remember reading about her having a relationship with the photographer David Bailey

or maybe I got my wires crossed again?

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There are some models especially from the 80s , that I do not konw where to post. They were popular in those days but they were shadowed by other models who were more "super".

Gail Elliott

Fredeique van der Waal

Kirsten Allen


Michaela Bercu

adv_2222.jpg 88eb302.jpg 16988_1992_2_MICHAELA_BERCU_122_326lo217641_1.jpg
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its hard not to, huh, snmkytn??

i was also hoping that if i got reallly

lucky, there might be some bellazonians

out there who might have a few pics

of her.

its easier to find osama bin laden than pics of mitzi

so, help out this obsessed woman!!! :doofywave:

she was the model that cate archer from the vid game 'noone lives forever'

was based on

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