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Barbara Palvin

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There are pics on getty of Barbara attending the SI launch party. I didn't saved them and i really don't like her dress/hair/makeup for tonights event.



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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2018 Launch Event, NYC, Feb 14 '18


and the "I don't like this, that or the other'' comments begin in three, two, one...


 bpal150218BZNimage1.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage2.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage3.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage4.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage5.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage6.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage7.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage8.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage9.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage10.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage11.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage12.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage13.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage14.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage15.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage16.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage17.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage18.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage19.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage20.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage21.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage22.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage23.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage24.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage25.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage26.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage27.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage28.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage29.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage30.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage31.jpg  bpal150218BZNimage32.jpg

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It is speculated that Barbara was raped by one of more famous photographers who worked for VS, her agent told her to deal with it and that it may actually be good for her career and VS cut ties with her because she was allegedly partying too much.


These are all guesses tho because model's identity is unknown, but Barbara fits the story.

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