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Barbara Palvin

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I was thinking if I should say something for a while. The screenshot of her dms which many of you thought it's photoshoped is from mine.

If you guys know my page you should know I post everything new of her and the moment I saw that picture I posted it on Instagram first cause I didn't know there maybe something else between her and magazine. She dm me immediately like you saw. I didn't feel any happiness about dm thing ? All I feel is sorry and I keep saying sorry later(if you want to see other dms just dm me on Instagram I can show you) And this dm picture wasn't posted by me cause I never want to post it ? I just sent it to our fans' whatsapp group to told them delete the picture. I had no time to say anything then some pages posted. You all should understand they love her so much so they didn't think about anything else just posted. Btw if you are her big fan you will definitely do this no matter the picture is fake or what lol. 

I thought this site is her real fans created but seems like you are just love to talk about these kinds of shit things. Everytime she had rumors or this topless thing many people alive. I didn't say any of you update for her for a long time. Only 2-3 still update.

She liked a comment of a fanpage which commented 'delete the picture' yesterday. If you guys follow her activities (which you absolutely never do) If you want me to prove the dm with me is real then just ask me on Instagram don't talk here like you really know anything about her. I'd love to show 17 moments of moments cause she/he really update and respect people. 

She won't post anything on public. At least for now. Why should? Tbh any words about this thing won't help people to stop focus on it which she want people to. Don't say that if she doesn't want people know why she posed or why she doesn't post something herself. These opinions are just…? Everyone has special situation and how can you think something so easily? 

About her and magazine thing, I don't know.

About dm picture and you think it's not her and she doesn't want to delete it, ask me on Instagram.

What's more, be respect to everything. Think about if it's your real idol or the person you love, what would you think? ? I won't reply about this here anymore. 

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It definitely should not be a problem, so I wouldn't worry about it. Removing the photo from this site would be like taking one drop out of a bucket of water, either way it isn't going to make a noticeable difference in the water level. 

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6 hours ago, PolishBarbellas said:

Hey, okey - my frist post here :heart:
Do you like Constantin - Barbara's friend? We made a little interview with him. Maybe you want read this interview? :smile: We talked about Barbara, too ;) 
Link: http://barbarapalvin.fan-strefa.pl/barbara-palvin/artykuly/constantin-przyjaciel-barbary/constantin-barbaras-friend/



welcome and ty for the interview

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