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Best Optical Illusions ! :D

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Hey, is 12=13?

I know, that's a silly question, but here's an interesting image:


wow :blink:

Some innocent children don't know anything about sex, so they see dolphins.

Just like I'm an innocent guy, who doesn't know anything about dolphins. :whistle: :ninja:

j/k, I saw the dolphins immediately after I read the whole post. I guess there is still hope on me. :D

Anyway, major props Persuazn. This was one of the craziest logic related pictures I have ever seen. :flower:


I'm glad u enjoyed it :hehe:

For those of u who still cannot see the dolphins, this may be helpful :p


life saver :rofl: I couldn't see them :laugh:

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^Dajana, trust me you don't have to study as much as me, and yet I have no sleep, and don't feel like studying.

If I'm going to fail, I guess I'll have to take someone down with me. :persuazn:

j/k :p

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