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The good news about Petra's engagement is being reported on msn.com, along with photos. I wish her much joy and happiness! Lisa U, since you are a close friend of Petras, could you keep us updated from time to time, at your convenience?

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Petra Nemcova: Supermodel Dishes on Super Wedding Plans


Petra Nemcova has begun planning the wedding she's always dreamed about.

The tsunami-surviving beauty, who is newly engaged to British actor Jamie Belman, exclusively tells E! News she knew "within days that he was the one."

"We both knew right away, both of us," Nemcova told us today at the Luca Luca show at Lincoln Center in New York.

And she also spilled some good wedding details, including the designer behind her one-of-a-kind gown...

First, Nemcova and her love will spend Valentine's Day in New York together, then head back to England to scout out locations for the big day.

"I'm with him every single day," she said. The couple have been together for nine months now.

As for the wedding, they are planning to invite 130 guests.

"It will be both a mix of formal and fun and craziness," she said. "I want everyone to feel comfortable and appreciated."

Nemcova's already chosen her dress, a Marchesa designed just for her, and the couple will exchange vows somewhere in the U.K.

"We are looking at locations now, trying to see what's best," said the Czech-born babe, who was previously linked to Sean Penn before meeting Belman.

As for her beau, she said she knew she wanted to marry him immediately”and even placed meeting him as her luckiest moment, even above surviving the 2004 asian tsunami, which claimed the life of then-boyfriend British photographer Simon Atlee.

"First was meeting my fiance," she said. "Then surviving the tsunami. He's a real man, there are no layers of phony. he is who he is he's incredibly loving and he's just really what I look for. I knew right away about him, really really fast."

Nemcova, best known for her Sports Illustrated swimsuit posing, was happy to be siting front row at the show today, saying she appreciated not having to walk the runway and deal with the stress that comes with it.

"It's nice to be sitting and watching the incredible creations without being on the catwalk and having the hard work," she said.

When we asked if she was ready to have some babies right away, the model said sometime in the future.

"Not yet, I am enjoying this, the moment for now," she said.

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Must watch it now! Hope to god she fairs better then Josie lol


Sugar Ray Leonard, Kirstie Alley & Petra Nemcova in New 'Dancing' Cast

Boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, actress Kirstie Alley, rapper Romeo, original "Karate Kid" star Ralph Macchio and supermodel Petra Nemcova are among the new "Dancing with the Stars" cast.

The cast for season 12, announced during "The Bachelor" Monday, also includes NFL star Hines Ward, reality star and "Girls Next Door" costar Kendra Wilkinson; Mike Catherwood, host of radio's "Love Line"; talk show host Wendy Williams; WWE's Chris Jericho and young actress Chelsea Kane.

Romeo, who also starred in the Nickelodeon show of the same time from 2003 to 2006, is the first offspring of a previous contestant on the show; his dad is the rapper Master P, who still holds the record for the lowest score ever received on "Dancing with the Stars," -- a 4, a 2 and a 2 for a pitiful Paso Doble -- way back in season two.

And as with most casts, some names needed explanation. Chelsea Kane, for example, is a 22-year-old actress formerly known as Chelsea Staub. She co-starred in the Disney Channel flop "Jonas L.A." and lends her voice to the animated show "Fish Hooks." Therefore: She's part of the Disney/ABC family already.

Most of the announced stars were on hand during the announcement to wave, except for Nemcova, whom host Tom Bergeron said was speaking to the United Nations.

The new season of "Dancing with the Stars" starts March 21.

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Hey everyone, I was just on facebook an found Petra's official facebook page which looks like it's been recently set up! Looks like its posts up to date news and pics there too, so would be really cool to support Petra and her good works, its on this link:


Or search Petra Nemcova Official in your facebook search bar! :D

Theres also a Happy Hearts Fund facebook page too :)

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I feel for Petra seeing as how she had to actually go through a tsunami disaster back in 04... just happy she;s using her experiences and position to help people who are in similar and horrible circumstances . :(

Petra Nemcova on "Dancing with the Stars": "My heart and my mind is in Japan"

Petra Nemcova told her emotional story of survival and recovery to Piers Morgan last night, but in this Green Room Q&A after she talked about her upcoming appearance on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars." "The reason to be on 'Dancing with the Stars' was for me to shine a light on children who are forgotten after natural disasters," she said. "Dancing with purpose and now the purpose is even deeper, more relevant."

How has Nemcova been able to focus in the wake of the Japan tragedy?

"It has been quite difficult emotionally to try to focus on dancing when my heart and my mind is in Japan, but I know that through dancing and being on the show I'm able to help so many more children," she said.

As for training with partner Dmitry Chaplin – who finished 2nd last year – she tells us: "We will try our best. We will enjoy the journey. He is a fantastic dancer, obviously a professional...I may not have a dancing background but I'm very determined and working very hard."

See more information about Nemcova's charity, Happy Hearts, here and see Nemcova on "Dancing with the Stars" Monday.



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PETRA Nemcova’s “heart was broken” by footage of the tsunami in Japan.

The supermodel — who survived the Indian Ocean disaster which struck Thailand in 2004 and killed her then-fiance photographer Simon Atlee — spoke of her grief at replaying the memories of her own personal tragedy as the same event unfolded last week.

“To see them [the video and pictures] on Friday morning was horrifying. My heart was broken,” Petra said.

“My love was going to everyone in Japan. It is something so hard to imagine without going through. When a natural disaster happens it’s amazing to see the unconditional love coming from every direction.”

The 31-year-old beauty — who used to date James Blunt and is now engaged to British actor Jamie Belman — also opened up about her own fight for life, recounting the day she held on to a tree as Simon was swept away.

“You feel powerless, the more you fight, the more you lose energy and the chance for survival,” she said.

“The best thing you can do is try to stay calm. That can save your life.”

The star will take part in the 12th series of Dancing with the Stars alongside Kendra Wilkinson, Kirstie Alley and former boxing champion Sugar Ray Leonard

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