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Welcome to the Petra Nemcova News thread.

Please only post bonafide news items, not general talk or unverified gossip, in this thread.

In other words, if there is something worthy of mentioning that is genuinely new about Petra, post it here.

Please try not to post an image in this thread unless you feel it is necessary to make or prove a point.

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Well i heard shes hotter now than before :whistle: But other than that not much. I saw her on the Late show with Conan but it was a rerun. She just explained how she celebrated christmas with some sort of fish, i forgot what fish it was tho. :blink:

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Saw this on another board:

AN international supermodel was left with serious injuries last night — and her British boyfriend was missing after they were swept away in Thailand.

Petra Nemcova, 25, was on a beach in Phuket when the wave hit, but managed to grab hold of a tree.  

She clung to it for EIGHT HOURS despite shattering her hip, breaking other bones and damaging internal organs.  

But there was no news of her boyfriend Simon Atlee, a London-based photographer who was inside their holiday bungalow. Simon, 31, was engulfed by the wave and swept away.

Czech-born Petra has dated him for two years. Her New York publicist, Rob Shuter, said: “Petra is in hospital in deep shock and pain. “She was clinging to this tree for hours. Simon is still missing. Our focus is to do everything we can do to find him. Petra started crying when she mentioned his name. They have been very happy together.”

Petra is one of the top supermodels in the business. She was the cover girl for the 2003 Sports Illustrated magazine’s famous swimsuit issue and now models for lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret.


A source wasn't given. Don't know if it's true or not.

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