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  1. Thats great. If the daughter looks anything like Pampita then shes got a bright future (Y)
  2. nice pic is it me or does she kinda look like daisy fuentes in the pic?
  3. She has two kids? wow, i thought she only had one. i mustve been gone longer than i thought.
  4. I really love her smile and her body aint bad either....
  5. i think she has qualities not found in most models. shes not very tall, not super thin, and she is very "proportional" and by that i mean she has large breasts and a nice rear end but in my opinion i think she is one of the most beautiful models out there. shes naturally beautiful.
  6. Pampita is the woman of my dreams... i wonder if she has any younger female cousins in the U.S.... Preferably in California
  7. I havent been to bellazon in a long time.... but I LOVE PAMPITA!
  8. but what if no one around you has special abilities... You'll be a regular person until u run into one. I prefer Regeneration so i dont have to worry about getting hurt.
  9. Blanca? Thats weird, thats a girls name, well at least it is in spanish.
  10. thanks, my cousins say i act like Stiffler sometimes LOL
  11. You tell me... Who do i look like, and please no smart asses
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