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Buffie The Body


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Buffie Carruth, professionally known as Buffie The Body, is an African American model. She was born on January 7, 1977 in Athens, Georgia.

Awards and nominations

Buffie The Body was nominated in the 2005 VIBE Awards for Video Goddess of the Year, for her appearance in Tony Yayo's So Seductive music video.

BLACK MEN's 101 Sexiest Women

SMOOTH's 100 Hottest Women in the World

XXL's 2005 Eye Candy of The Year

XXL's Top 8 Eye Candy of All Time


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well i say, Qball, youve got the biggest pair of brass balls to start the topics that you do

knowing from the get-go that youll get nothing but negative feedback, you post away and dont

give a fuck. i admire you for that

ive alreaydy stated i adore buffie, for her personality and her body

shes happy with what shes got and she could give a fuck if people think she should 'cover up'

as if she has something to be ashamed of.thats the way she was born, she should feel shame and cover up because

you dont like the view??

as a matter of fact, i could go to several ultra- thin model threads and see how starved and sick they

look and say 'she should cover up' but that would be rude, wouldnt it??

keep the buffie coming, Q :hug:

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