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Which Area of the World Produces the Best Models?


Based on your favorites, which area of the world would you say has produced the best looking women?  

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  1. 1. Based on your favorites, which area of the world would you say has produced the best looking women?

    • North America
    • South America
    • Central America (Panama to Mexico)
    • Africa
    • Western Europe (Includes England)
    • Southern Europe (Italy, etc.)
    • Eastern Europe/Russia
    • Asia (Excluding Russia)
    • The Middle East
    • A tie between two listed in post

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I think South America women are gorgeous, though I'm freakin' sick of the Brazilian invasion in the modeling world. I'm from America, so I have to love North American girls ( Josie Maran, Kim Smith, Megan Ewing ). I do like Eastern European women and Southern European as well. I just said I was tied. :laugh:

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They all have threads here(which is where I got all of the pictures cept for Eugenia) I'm sure there's more, I just ran through them real quick. :)

oh and they're all from Russia :laugh: :fun:

Eugenia Volodina (<-- my favorite model :heart: )






Polina with Katja




Natasha with Katja




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Muffin, you can add pics into your post, so upload the pics like you normaly do, once you have finished uploading them all if you look beside the list at the very right you will see "add into post" and you can put pics here


and if you really feel like it you can posts pics way down here as well


hope that helpsĀ  :)


hurray! :fun: :fun: :fun: Thanks so much! :kiss: :heart: :hug: :)

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all the areas where ppl of different ethincity can melt thier DNA :laugh:


True. That's why I chose Brazil. When I go to the Brazilian websites to look at models, they got models that come in ALL SHAPES, SIZES, AND COLORS!!! :woot: My personal opinion is that racially mixed women are the prettiest women in the world. All races have something special about their women. So when you see a woman who has a combination of 2 or more of those features, phew!!! :wub: Let me list some examples of racially mixed women that find beautiful: Adriana Lima(of course ;) ) Norah Jones, Catherine Bell, Halle Barry, Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, Karin Taylor. I'll stop right there, because this list could go on forever. I mostly used those names because it was composed of women who were models, actresses and musicians. See, they are in every area of entertainment. Plus, its seems like features mostly associated with women of color is becoming the popular norm. People are having all kind of surgeries to have thick lips. Women who are curvy are more accepted now than was the case before. Plus, it seems like brunettes are now in fashion. Many naturally blond women are dyeing their hair dark.

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Guest quasicartes
All west :) look on a map ^^ hehe


Some map shows Sweden as East and another one shows it as West!

Can someone list the definitive list of East and West European states?

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