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Jesper Lund


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Nationality: Danish

Birthday: August 25, 1988

Born in: Gentofte, Denmark

Agencies: Ford, New York Model Management

Known for: his eyes which are a unique green/blue

Interests: Jujitsu, cooking

I found that he wasn't posted on here. If he is, well...I guess delete this topic. I'll post more pictures after this.


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He does! I think the nose is the major similarity. I found some more pictures! One where his shirt is off...and I must say...he has a rockin' body. And here is a fact:

Modeling is in the blood for young Jesper Lund with him being one of three working models in his family.


post-18472-0-1446087810-89611_thumb.jpg post-18472-0-1446087810-93351_thumb.jpg

post-18472-0-1446087810-9821_thumb.jpg post-18472-0-1446087811-00857_thumb.jpg

Seems he's big on the Calvin Klien ads hm?

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the ICON exhibit

The result of an unusual art project and collaboration to be launched in February during Danish Fashion Week at gallery DASK, ICON is the work of SCOOP MODELS and two graphic designers Dennis Lynge and Michael Nygaard. Nine models from SCOOP MODELS have been recreated as photos of classical marble statues.

Jesper immortalized as a classic sculpture


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