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  1. Happy Birthday Artur dear <3

  2. :o Artur , you just back for awhile :o

    Why didn't you post? Too busy? :(

    We miss you!

    Happy Birthday :hug:

  3. Sum, busy sch life? :/

  4. Merry Christmas to you!

  5. Where are you? :(

    Merry Christmas ^_^

  6. Heeey!!! :) How are you? I like your taste for boys ^^ .. We both like Hugo and as I have seen, Ash too! Aaand, can you tell me, who was the beautiful red-haired boy on your avatar?? Some time ago.. :33

  7. cobrasnake via the fashion spot
  8. cobrasnake via the fashion spot
  9. Oh! He looks so good in those candids with Kelly! She's so lucky!! Thanks for those Festat. So funny with Cole! I wish Ash was there too! :brows:
  10. Thanks for all those pics mowie!
  11. You're welcome faget! He is gorgeous!!
  12. Thanks naila! I love the first pic. He looks so good!!
  13. ^ WOW! He looks so good! Thanks for all the pics...So sexy!
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