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VS has an office in London, but no retail shops. Why??? I have no clue :idk:

I know 'LaSenza UK' very good, I ve been buying there a few times in the past ( even though its super expensive :ninja: ) and I must say, its not really 100% like La Senza Canada. They have a few same items but most of the time these two stores have DIFFERENT items.

On each bra and panty and so on theres a label 'LaSenza UK'.

May be VS bought only Canadian LaSenza ? And UK LaSenza is somewhat different so to speak...

If VS wanted to go overseas and start it in Europe they dont have to do it in London hehe...But I guess it either wont happen or will happen not so soon. Shipping and taxes in Europe ( if you send it from US) lets say...are not the cheapest/lowest ones:)

So may be that is also a reason.

Anyways, I just wanted to say that personally I prefer LaSenza UK to LaSenza Canada. But VS is my 'love forever'...lol

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Well, since theres no VS here in Venezuela ... I buy all my things in La Senza, i just love it ... It's very expensive but i really love La Senza! :heart:

In fact im wearing a PJ from La Senza in this moment hahaha

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La Senza is own by Limited Brands of Columbus, Ohio which happens to own Victoria's Secret too .... so it's kind of the same company but a different branch in the same way that gap, old nazy and banana republic are all owned by the same company.

La Senza is just based in Montreal where as VS is based in the US. You can find similar vs products and identical vs products in la senza. (i.e. Itech bras and body sprays)

La Senza has improved a lot lately, though.. depending on which of their product u buy - they are easily the best and most inexpensive of all lingerie retailers in Canada (in respects to quality as well).

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