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Carol Brandao, Barbara Hererra, Anna Wang, Aline Vacariu, Denise Vasi

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i Quoted ur post,but there's nothin'...

and it's probably cuz u used tinypiQ? :blink:

cuz i see tinypiQ tryna load..soo

Why don't you guys just name some black models who have a thread here. I know she’s relatively young today, she’s the French lady’s color or a little darker…well…is it the Lenor? Is it Leila Arcieri? Or maybe it’s someone who kindof looks like them…How did I loose that pic??!!! Noooooooo!!!!


Thanks for bearing with me. :)

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emanuela de paula

noemie lenoir

chrystele saint louis augustin

sessilee lop[ez

kiara kibokuro<sp>?

yasmine warsame

chrishelle<dont know her last name>

was she dark haired, dark eyed?? dark skinned

or lighter in skin hair and eyes??

The picture was black and white :pinch: but you can tell that it is a modern black and white. I can tell that her eyes are probably in the hazel-light brown-greenish zone and her skin is light brown. I'll look up those names and see what I can see. Thanks! :) There is a Chrishelle Stubbs BTW and I know its not her.

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