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  1. Thank you so very much!!
  2. This is a long shot but I couldn’t find reference to her anywhere! (Looking for the name of the blonde girl).
  3. anyone know what happened to her?
  4. I am a big fan of hers from Instagram. She has definitely had a lot of work (she looks nothing like what she used to) but she looks gorgeous now, so I'm happy for her!
  5. Better pic of one of the above editorials’ models. And two extra clips from a long time ago if anyone has any thoughts? Thanks!
  6. Staz Lindes is the model in the post above the last one.
  7. And Pandora is the brand of one of the photos above (just fuzzy here)
  8. The model in the fourth pic (blonde) is Chelsea Salmon Washington. here are some larger photos of some of the above ones….maybe to help?
  9. I have uploaded some pictures of some very frustrating (not yet I'Dd) models from Shape/Cosmo/ELLE/SELF magazine from the 2005-2015 range before and not had any luck. I have tried reverse image searching and KimFlorida and others have been particularly helpful with suggestions. I managed to get some of the photos in a higher resolution here, and I am shamelessly trying again. Like, who are these people? LOL. I promise the moderators I am not spamming (just desperate). If anyone has any ideas or stabs in the dark I would be forever grateful 🧡 Captions for thumbnails: 'model9' was an editorial for SELF magazine; circa 2008-2011 -model8' was an ad for a low priced clothing brand (JCPenney, Benetton, etc) -model7 was a stock photo in Cosmo -model6 was also a stock photo, for Vogue or Elle I think -model 5 was definitiely a cosmo stock photo -model 4 was an advertisement for an outdoor clothing company -model 3 was an advertisement for a jewelry or other luxury goods company, I think -model2 was, I swear, some type of Coffee drink or beverage ad (I have tried to look up several well known ones to no avail!) -model1 (on the left) was for Tiffany's or a jewelry ad as well. -model0 was an editorial for Cosmo on skincare around 2012-2013 -model00 was an editorial for SELF or SHAPE magazine about snacks.
  10. Oh my gosh thank you so much. I feel silly; this is the second time i think I’ve asked for her ID!
  11. AbbeyRoad

    GUESS model

    Anyone know who she is? You know she kind of looks like Britt Koth, but it's not. I am sorry for the wonky picture; it's the only way I could get it to save.
  12. Thank you KimFlorida!!
  13. Anyone know who this is from the TV commercial? https://www.ispot.tv/ad/OeV5/bior-deep-cleansing-pore-strips-back-to-school-oddly-satisfying-results
  14. Love! I used to follow her on Instagram but she has seemingly disappeared from working?
  15. I know this is not the Model ID thread, but does anyone recognize this Native American models' profile?
  16. Sorry to open up a super-dead thread, but could this be her? I've had this image in my unknown models folder for a while. If not, Maybe Mereth Hopland?
  17. aaaand the other blonde with the backwards hat might be Kristinia Lokken who competed in the '93 Look of the Year. Kristinia Loken I guess I answered some of my own questions (sorry)! 😂
  18. I think the brunette in the photo (standing) might be Tracy Trinita: Tracy Trinita
  19. Thank you! I agree the one blonde with the hat on looks like young Heidi Albertson too. I had never heard of Julia before, thanks elephant81! I didn't know some of the participant listings were on IMDB either. You guys are always super helpful!
  20. Hi guys, I need your help...I thought there was a thread on Bellazon previously for the old ELITE Look of the Year competitions (but I can't find it). I hope this request is not too annoying. I was watching a John Casablancas documentary and the three blondes in the footage from the 1993 competition look SO FAMILIAR! But I can't place them. It's way too old for her but the one looks just like Frida Aasen (so weird). Anyway, there's also two brunettes in the 1994-1996 pictures that I was wondering if anyone could ID for me (I drew arrows to point them out). One of them looks kind of like Grace McGovern so it might be her. THANKS ALL!
  21. Thanks!! I can’t believe I didn’t know how to do that lol. You’re the best!
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