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  1. Yes that’s her! The Instagram confirmed it. Damn you’re good!! Thank you so much.
  2. These screen shots are taken from Kellie Stewart’s Instagram reel but she wasn’t identified. Anyone know? She looks familiar.
  3. Thanks Kimflorida! Again you pulled through for me.
  4. Thanks in advance y’all! Happy Memorial Day!
  5. So similar, I can see it! Thank you fletch
  6. Just an update guys. I DM'd the stylist on Instagram and she said the model in the LUCKY editorial is either 'Alina' from IMG or 'Abigail' from Supreme. I looked up both of those names on Fashion Model Directory and don't really think it looks like any of those Abigails or Alinas, but it is a side profile of the girl only, so I could be wrong.
  7. Hi guys! I have larger photos of a few models that have remain unnamed that I’ve only been able to post thumb -nails of before. Just taking a stab at it again!
  8. Found some larger pictures which might make it easier.
  9. I am sorry, I cannot remember. I want to say it has been at least six years since I've had these photos. I know it was an advertisement, but can't remember what for! A low cost clothing brand, I believe (like a JCPenney or Kohls brand). I tried reverse image search but can't find any information.
  10. Thanks fletch! it took me a while to find a picture of her smiling but when I did, there is a strong resemblance. thank you for responding!
  11. One last ditch effort to see if anyone recognizes any of these ladies! Kimflorida has helped me with all my others but thought I would try again one last time
  12. it does look a lot like Sam B. I wondered that for a while. thanks! I enjoy hunting for un-ID'd models! it's been fun! lol
  13. OMG.... So, I totally think it looks like her. I went to her page on Women: https://www.womenmanagement.it/womendirect-main/9275-vitoria_brugnera.web On a side note, I have been trying to ID a model for ages from this ad (attached) and I think it totally looks like her in BOTH ads.
  14. oh, awesome. Thanks for the reply, kimflorida. I feel like you are usually right. I'll look into it. haha!
  15. Anyone? Sorry about the picture quality, I took it with my iPhone!
  16. Thanks Kimflorida!!
  17. Anyone know? Thanks in advance! Ps ads are for: Eddie K bridal and Allison Webb.
  18. The ad is for UNITE hair products !
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