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Thanks so much everyone! :heart: Nothingless, your scans are always beyond perfect and I am in love with your site. I'm addicted to it....... It's my homepage :blink:...... :laugh: So thanks for taking the time to put it together. We really appreciate it.

PS: Oh and Analog, Dazz already posted that pic in a larger version for you in the Candids section. *waves magic wand* TAH DAH Hee hee hee. :p

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it is a fold out cover, ale is the only one who really gets the GQ cover.

what? all this time waiting for this magazine and just ale get the cover?? Damn GQ, I hate you :angry: :anger:

I know!! That's exactly what I was just thinking. That's sooo stupid!! I'm going to go all ninja on the GQ people's asses. :jimmy: :knives: They should FEAR me!! Grrrrr. :laugh:

It's so stupid how Adri being on the cover last April got them some of their highest sales ever yet they put Ale on the cover. Everyone knows how I feel about Ale :cain: <_< :anger: But there's no hatreddddd :whistle: :)

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Well at least Adriana was on one of their best selling US issues or whatever. Alessandra has A LOT to compete with, and I doubt it will end up selling more than Adriana's previous GQ covers. Though I still would've liked it better if she had the cover as well.

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