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  1. {name}


    What candids are we talking about? Hopefully not the one I posted on page 418...
  2. Will someone please help me find two pictures of Adriana Lima: I need a headshot from the front and one from the side, less shadows the better
  3. {name}


    thats me Wait, woah. You're gorgeous... *edit and that based of an avatar that is out of proportion, its hard to look good given those circumstances
  4. {name}


    Anyone know about this picture... can someone help me find it bigger?
  5. Chelsea Korka- Adriana look alike that has an amazing voice? Adriana 2.0?!
  6. {name}

    Lindsay Lohan

    New? http://men.style.com/slideshows/mens/stand...dsay/00011f.jpg http://men.style.com/slideshows/mens/stand...dsay/00002f.jpg http://men.style.com/slideshows/mens/stand...dsay/00004f.jpg http://men.style.com/slideshows/mens/stand...dsay/00005f.jpg http://men.style.com/slideshows/mens/stand...ohan/00001h.jpg Please do not hotlink images - post edited by persuazn
  7. She will always be gorgeous but right now shes to thin. Bottom Line.
  8. Im an Adriana fan but she seems to be losing her appeal, im just being honest *edit her face thinned out its not perfect anymore
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