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Is body really that important?


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I was just wondering, do you guys think if body plays any role when someone is attracted to someone else? I always thought that face was the only thing people actually cared about but lately I see so many guys making such big deals out of girls who have average faces, but a REALLY hot body.

Is body more important than the face or is face more important than body?

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but not TOO funny

moiselles, dont ever go out with an ACTUAL comedian,

they are sooo messed up!! *knows from tragically F**ked up experience*

i, of course, am perfect in physique and intelligence

*laffing my big ass off*

Haha, I couldn't deal with a comedian. My boyfriend has a great sense of humor. I think he's sexy too, though. :drool:

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For me, a man's face is what attracts me to him more than his body. A nice body is a plus though!

But, like Moiselles said, a man can be the most beautiful man that I've ever seen, but if his persoanlity is shit, then I won't be attracted to him whatsoever!

Personality does matter more than both their looks and body in my opinion.


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I guess it depends, really. If you're looking to get picked up in a bar, where hook ups are based mostly on physical appeal, then yes, the body matters. Maybe even more than a face - a woman can get by with being cute if she has a great body. Sex for the sake of sex is about physical attraction, for men and women.

Beyond that initial encounter, though, the looks just really aren't enough. Body, face. There's a reason people who aren't looking for deep emotional relationships do the pub crawl.

When it comes down to it, people are not people. You can't classify what they like, or what they're going to do, based even on a majority, or even on how they talk to their crew. Because while the human race and men (since this thread has been predominantly replied to by woman) can be labeled as a whole, the individual will trick you. Every time.

Even Toobs isn't as big a pig as he seems. Are you Toobsey? *kisses* lol

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