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Luana Teifke - Brazilian Model

Way Models Brazil

Age: 16

Date of Birth: 01/01/1990

Agency: Way

Profile: 16 years, 1,78m, 82 of bust, 60 of waist, 88 of hip, blue eyes and hair chestnuts.

Career: The Luana model already carried through parades for Valentino and Christian Lacroix. In the SPFW summer 2008 it made 16 parades. In this season, it had only 8 months of career.

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Luana and Nathalie

Model News, Girls, Model of the Week

September 4th, 2007, by doshka


Luana and Nathalie / Marilyn Model Management


Luana Teifke

Nathalie Edenburg

Age: 16


Luana - 5'10 1/2"

Nathalie - 5'11"

Place of origin:

Luana - Sertao Santana, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Nathalie - Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Ethnic origin:

Luana - Russian/German/Italian.

Nathalie - German/Hungarian.

How discovered:

Luana - I found myself! I went to an agency in Porto Alegre and submitted some pictures!(currently with Way Models, Brazil)

Nathalie - I was at a magazine party in Sao Paulo and a booker approached me.

Favorite things:

Luana - Talk to friends online (MSN), volleyball, pools.

Nathalie - rollerblades, orkut, reading, going to the beach and waterfalls.

Favorite foods:

Luana - pizza, BBQ, chocolate, and salads.

Nathalie - salad, pasta, candy!!

Favorite models:

Luana - Caroline Trentini and Raquel Zimmerman.

Nathalie - Alessandra Ambrosio, Kate Moss, and Linda Evangelista.

Place you want to visit:

Luana - West Indies.

Nathalie - Africa, Bali and London!


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Marie Claire Brazil - June 2009

Editorial: "Black & White"

Model: Luana Teifke

Ph.: Fabio Bartelt

th_07816_MarieClaireBrasil_Junho2009_LuanaTeifke_phFabioBartelt_01_122_365lo.jpg th_07883_MarieClaireBrasil_Junho2009_LuanaTeifke_phFabioBartelt_02_122_432lo.jpg th_07890_MarieClaireBrasil_Junho2009_LuanaTeifke_phFabioBartelt_03_122_458lo.jpg th_07896_MarieClaireBrasil_Junho2009_LuanaTeifke_phFabioBartelt_04_122_12lo.jpg th_07898_MarieClaireBrasil_Junho2009_LuanaTeifke_phFabioBartelt_05_122_401lo.jpg th_07901_MarieClaireBrasil_Junho2009_LuanaTeifke_phFabioBartelt_06_122_390lo.jpg th_07950_MarieClaireBrasil_Junho2009_LuanaTeifke_phFabioBartelt_07_122_192lo.jpg th_07951_MarieClaireBrasil_Junho2009_LuanaTeifke_phFabioBartelt_08_122_335lo.jpg th_07958_MarieClaireBrasil_Junho2009_LuanaTeifke_phFabioBartelt_09_122_550lo.jpg th_07965_MarieClaireBrasil_Junho2009_LuanaTeifke_phFabioBartelt_10_122_254lo.jpg th_07978_MarieClaireBrasil_Junho2009_LuanaTeifke_phFabioBartelt_11_122_61lo.jpg

Scanned by Leonardo @ tfs

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L'Officiel - January 2009 Brazil

Editorial: 'Desire'

Models: Alex Schultz, Alexandre Cunha, Luana Teifke and Luiza Windberg

Ph.: André Schiliró

th_52619_LOfficielBrasil_Janeiro2009_phAndreSchiliro_02_122_225lo.jpg th_52620_LOfficielBrasil_Janeiro2009_phAndreSchiliro_03_122_577lo.jpg th_52621_LOfficielBrasil_Janeiro2009_phAndreSchiliro_04_122_411lo.jpg th_52656_LOfficielBrasil_Janeiro2009_phAndreSchiliro_05_122_118lo.jpg th_52658_LOfficielBrasil_Janeiro2009_phAndreSchiliro_06_122_487lo.jpg th_52664_LOfficielBrasil_Janeiro2009_phAndreSchiliro_07_122_1047lo.jpg th_52670_LOfficielBrasil_Janeiro2009_phAndreSchiliro_08_122_506lo.jpg th_52710_LOfficielBrasil_Janeiro2009_phAndreSchiliro_09_122_101lo.jpg th_52711_LOfficielBrasil_Janeiro2009_phAndreSchiliro_10_122_41lo.jpg th_52717_LOfficielBrasil_Janeiro2009_phAndreSchiliro_11_122_67lo.jpg th_52718_LOfficielBrasil_Janeiro2009_phAndreSchiliro_12_122_478lo.jpg th_52754_LOfficielBrasil_Janeiro2009_phAndreSchiliro_13_122_483lo.jpg th_52755_LOfficielBrasil_Janeiro2009_phAndreSchiliro_14_122_999lo.jpg th_52757_LOfficielBrasil_Janeiro2009_phAndreSchiliro_15_122_442lo.jpg th_52759_LOfficielBrasil_Janeiro2009_phAndreSchiliro_16_122_1092lo.jpg

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Vogue Brasil August 2009

M: Camila Mingori, Drielly Oliveira, Janete Friedrich, Luana Teifke and Martha Penz

PH: Jacques Dequeker

th_35159_vogue_agosto_09_1_122_251lo.jpg th_35871_vogue_agosto_09_2_122_214lo.jpg th_35630_vogue_agosto_09_3_122_584lo.jpg th_39166_vogue_agosto_09_4_122_474lo.jpg th_36586_vogue_agosto_09_5_122_119lo.jpg th_36230_vogue_agosto_09_6_122_756lo.jpg th_39623_vogue_agosto_09_7_122_1198lo.jpg th_36895_vogue_agosto_09_08_122_86lo.jpg th_36552_vogue_agosto_09_9_122_419lo.jpg th_39867_vogue_agosto_09_10_122_85lo.jpg th_36827_vogue_agosto_09_12_122_133lo.jpg

* welovemodels // tfs

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