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  1. {name}

    Coco Rocha

    Odd, randomish question but can anyone tell me Coco's parents names? Thank you, it'd be greatly appreciated!
  2. {name}

    The best editorial competition #2. Vote!!!

    I'm die hard for Coco. Coco Coco Coco Over all - Coco
  3. {name}

    The BEST of Bellazon

    -Best Eyes : Gemma Ward -Best Hair : Caroline Trentini -Best Legs : Caroline Trentini, Irina Kulikova -Best Pose : Coco Rocha, Gemma Ward -Best Runway Walk : Coco Rocha -Best Smile : Miranda Kerr -Best Overall : Coco Rocha, Gemma Ward
  4. {name}

    Gemma Ward

    From Gemma's Birthday Party~ another party, another costume " 'Cause one night isn't enough!" That was Gemma Ward's explanation for why she insisted on having yet another costume party, this one for her 20th birthday on Saturday night, at the end of Halloween week. "But I decided not to insist on the jungle theme—the invite said that all animals would be welcome!" Hence not everyone who showed up at the bar of the Bowery Hotel was in Amazon-appropriate looks—Lisa Cant was a bunny and, for the first part of the night, at least, Caroline Winberg was a lobster (she later changed into a leopard-print Dolce & Gabbana gown). There was certainly some costume fatigue, however: Leigh Lezark and Benjamin Cho turned up in their regular street garb, Josh Hartnett could only muster a glove that he had nicked from a friend's Halloween look, and Agyness Deyn manned the DJ booth in a cocktail dress (all was forgiven in her case, however, when she reminded guests that she had gotten off a flight from London just an hour earlier). Ward, however, didn't mess around: Her first look was a feathered bodice dress so tight she couldn't sit down. Maybe that's why, halfway through the party, she switched into a zebra-print minidress. Despite coming at the end of a long week of parties, no one seemed too tired to celebrate. "Everyone is having a great time," Winberg said on the patio. "Even my mother. She is refusing to go home!"
  5. {name}

    Gemma Ward

    Why shouldn't I hate cinema? I know how you're feeling. As insane as it sounds, I looooooove Gemma. She's someone I look up to. I thought maybe it was all just talk at first but then she hasn't been in any of the NYFW shows so far so I'm thinking what I read is true.
  6. {name}

    Luana Teifke

  7. {name}

    Gemma Ward

    I've gotten a few google alerts about Gemma taking a semi-break from modeling. She'll be doing Paris's fashion week and that's it due to her developing acting career! It's sad but I love the idea of her expanding, I'm so excited for her movie coming out in October! The trailer is awesome: Look Here I've also attached Gemma's interview from this past i-D issue, not sure if anyone else has or not, and there are probably LOADS of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors because I was too lazy to re-read it once I typed it up O.O But she's ABSOLUTELY brilliant, I love her so much. I've learned so much about her, she seems like SUCH a fun person. GemmaInterviewviai_D.doc GemmaInterviewviai_D.doc