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  1. Poko Pano http://band.com.br/todasexta/videos.asp
  2. Nice editorial. Thank you!
  3. I Love Toni! I wanna see more of her editorials!
  4. I thinks she's gonna be a great top model! She has a strong carrer coming up. She can do nice poses and she's very good at runway show.
  5. Thank you for the editorial, Paula. I wanna see more of this. beautiful pictures!
  6. Thank you very much Deepest Blue this is a gorgeous editorial! Love it
  7. Abaete Spring Summer 2008 Ny Fashion Week
  8. I love this pic is so awsome!!
  9. she was so cute :wub2:
  10. gorgeous! Love this show Thank you
  11. Eugenia so pretty! more than KK and Jarah still cute!
  12. no its not! its before her pragnancy
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