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Erin Heatherton


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8 minutes ago, TheDude2k said:

Thanks @vatras.  For a "Story of Candice", it sure has a lot of Erin in it (and I'm not complaining!).


BTW, I spotted two that weren't Erin:

TheStoryOfCandiceSwanepoel_FTV05550.thumb.jpg.3e78e2a43d6582e30c9e88010daf5224.jpg TheStoryOfCandiceSwanepoel_FTV17365.thumb.jpg.fe8e9d3900176c522f6e64b656d85f20.jpg

Oh my bad, I must have missed them.

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This is how the sausage is made.

It's not very pretty.

Remember that many of the VS models went through phases during which they looked unhealthily thin. Candice went through several such periods.


That article was enlightening.  For what it's worth, Erin made some great sausage during her stint with VS.  Bridget Malcom also recently spoke out how detrimental it was to her physical and mental health during her tenure at VS.


I don't think the prior generations of VS models were necessarily subject to the stringent weight requirements as they were in the last decade.  Take for example Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum; both were very well figured and not unhealthily thin.  Even Adriana during her career was never in the ultra thin category, and she was one of VS's top models for almost 2 decades.  Wonder how much was baked into their contracts on a case-by-case basis.

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