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  1. This Photographer must be a complete retard. He/she probably had the biggest money shot of his/her Carrere on hand, but messed it up…. For the discussion, the girl definitely isn’t Candice, and definitely not Josephine (boobs are way to small) however the first bunch is Candice and they are definitely nice to see. The lack of focus however… Can we expect them in “better quality”?
  2. Omg! That’s amazing to hear. I am so happy. Never thought she would come back.
  3. So, who is this guy? Just a friend or already a new flame?
  4. Is there no love advent this year?
  5. Oh please are you kidding me? Not a follower, first message? I have more than 50k Images of Candice on my hard drive. I am a huge fan of her since her first appearance in the 2007 VS Fashion Show. And when it comes to this topic? I might not post much, thanks to my writing disorder, but I check this topic every day for over 10 years now. At the same time I had created a somewhat easy method to download every single pic of her vs contend when it was still possible to do so. A method that was used here in this forum to get most of the VS content until last year. Yeah no one ever credited me in any way for that, just because, I am not considered an active member of this community. But hey, if you really feel the need to post picture of a child on the same topic as the mothers nude images are, go for it. I am not going to stop you, I just wanted to let you know that not everyone cares about them…
  6. Well happy birthday to him then! 🎂 However when it comes to these kinds of posts, I don’t think it’s that easy to just ignore them. I wrote it before and now the same things happen. We don’t need to see contend which doesn’t even feature the Model itself. Bellazon is a Forum for fashion MODELS not there baby’s. Go on Instagram if you really care about her private life that much. People who are interested in it probably have seen the pic on Instagram anyway. And everybody else just doesn’t care about this kind of contend. I would love to know, how many of us members find these kind of posts unnecessary.
  7. Thanks so much she looks amazing.
  8. It’s simple a fake, proportion wise not even a good one. There are a couple more out with this bloke on it. I think one is with Miranda Kerr and and another with Karolina Kurkova, correct me if I am wrong. Some talented Photoshop artists who had their fun with some vs models. That’s all there is to say.
  9. Is this fact? I thought Nina had a semi new Si video on Instagram a couple of weeks ago with a bikini that I haven’t seen in any of the shoots so far. Or at least her styling was a bit different to what I knew from the past shoots. Talking about this one:
  10. Jap she´s even in the video Her Body Type and a Birthmark over the bellybutton that’s her
  11. In the podcast she did a couple of years ago, she said that she didn’t feel comfortable with the body standards Victoria secret wanted from her. Also some of the girls seemed to be very mean backstage. She didn’t call them out by names however. Sports illustrated hasn’t worked out for her because of this horrible shoot where they´ve put an orange yellow filter over everything she did. With pics like this, her votes where pretty low and they switch her for another girl. At least that’s my opinion. At the same time I have the feeling that she is simply not interested in the whole business anymore. She said in the same podcast, that she had enough money to buy her new home and live comfortable in it. Ant that’s exactly what I get from her these days. She seems to be a very chilled and relaxed girl who likes a lot of music and if you ask her neighbours she likes to party a lot too. I don’t know how real this stuff is but from a quick google search a couple of months ago, it seems that her neighbours try to sue her because she’s so loud. http://kutv.com/news/entertainment/erin-heatherton-sued-by-neighbors-over-party-lifestyle Also Fashion stylist Clare Byrne is suing her for $10 million for a sportswear collection they were meant to launch together that never got off the ground. At least he was in September 2017 http://people.com/style/erin-heatherton-sued-over-fashion-line-retroactive/. But I haven’t heard anything about all these things recently, so no idea how relevant all of this is, and I don’t really know how trustworthy the sources are but well here you go. (do a quick google search yourself.) Only thing Fashion relevant these days is her work with KikiRio Swim. But I have no idea where to get the pics, other than from her Instagram. And that’s about 5 pics in total. I have no idea about any hosting opportunities, but I don’t really have the feeling that she would be interested. So yeah, her career really slowed down quite a bit. It’s a shame since her work was always really beautiful sweet and sexy. She was always one of my favourite models and I wish she would at least go back do Sports illustrated or something like it so we get to appreciate her once in a while.
  12. But it doesn’t have to be. Everyone who’s interested can see what they want on social media if they follow her. Candice doesn’t seem to have a problem showing of her baby so there’s no problem with that. Even if I think she should be a bit more concerned about his privacy. I think there are more naked pics of him on the internet right now then from his mum jk. But who am I to judge, it’s her decision. However bellazon was always about a models work, at least in my opinion. Private things are kept to a low and rumours usually get deleted bye the mods. I think it’s okay if we post pics of the Models children every once in a while, but not this regular. Like I said, I get the feeling that it’s more about Anaca then about Candice in this thread nowadays.
  13. So I don’t wana be that guy, and please don’t get me wrong, but do we really have to post pics from Anacã or her Family without Candice on it? Her baby is cute don’t get me wrong and I am very happy for her but I think this is a topic about Candice and not about her baby. And recently I have the feeling that every new picture is about Anacã while Candice isn’t even on it.
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