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  1. Elsa Hosk

    Sorry but that can’t be Elsa. Look at her eyes. Elsa has the brightest blue eyes ever. That girl has dark brown eyes.
  2. Candice Swanepoel

    To be fair I really did not know that. Never cared about social media but good to know.
  3. Candice Swanepoel

    I don’t know about the US Laws, or Licensing rules, but can’t we just write VS about the pics from there website, and request if they could offer us Fans the pics from the website? I mean its just more Advertisement for them to be fair. And they would get rid of people producing high amount of load on their servers trying to check every possible link. From what I can tell aren’t there people on Bellazon who already have contacts with the companies and/or he photographers? Could some of you guys just ask for us? Cause in my opinion the have changed the naming process in such a random way that it’s near impossible to just check every link possible to find the pics. Also I found this pic. No idea where it’s from or if it’s a repost but I just leave it here. Warning NSFW I gues…
  4. Erin Heatherton

    She looks so sexy in that black bathing suit. Finally something new from Erin. I hope we get to see the images very soon.
  5. Candice Swanepoel

    Well I don’t know, but I recently downloaded a bunch of V60… pics from the vspage. So I don’t know when they changed it but it had been working so far. Edit. Ok you guys are right. They changed the link path and the file names. Can’t seem to find an easy way to get the pics now. Do you guys think it’s possible to just write VS? Just ask nicely to share the pics with bellazon. I mean its free advertisement for them and why wouldn’t they share new pics with the fans?
  6. Barbara Palvin

    Let’s just be honest. I don’t know who the original uploader was, but the damage is already done. There is no way to get this pic out of the internet right now. I found it on many sites by now and I am sorry to say that, but Barbara has to life with the reality that there is a topless image from her on the internet.
  7. Yes this should work. You should be able to simply install it. The developers changed their update links a couple of months ago, so your IHG simple doesn’t know what to do with the links. The new host file should help. Palemoon is a browser like firefox ore chrome. It looks like firefox and can run IHG without problems.
  8. Candice Swanepoel

    Its a fake
  9. Lily Aldridge

    Thanks sweetxlaments for the new pics. But I think the kneeing one is Taylor and not lily.
  10. Problems and Suggestions for BZ - Post Here

    Ok thanks, that makes it easier. Tutorial is still up if anyone who needs it. The tool is very useful not just for bellazon but for every image source and its relatively easy to use for the everyday user, once your past the first installation. Just to get pics a lot faster and easier. (I hope without too much stress for bellazon).
  11. Problems and Suggestions for BZ - Post Here

    I have posted a short tutorial on how to easily download and save your images with Imagehostgrabber for anyone who’s interested. This should theoretically make it as easy as possible to backup the old stuff from imagebam and imagebox.
  12. Hi there, Since Imagebox.com and imagebam.com are going to shout down, you are probably wondering how you can save your posts from getting obsolete and your pics from getting lost. The logical thing would be to just download them and reupload them to a new image hoster. But since you probably don’t have the time do download pic by pic, I bring you an alternative. The Firefox plugin called “Imagehostgrabber” With that useful tool you can simply press one Butten and rip a whole forum page. But the best thing, it also features a so called “threat sucker”. Just type the pages you want IHG to download and the rest is done for you Unfortunately it’s not that simple to run nowadays since firefox forces there app creators to licence their apps with a expensive signature. The creators of IHG decided against it, so it’s not that easy to download anymore. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not illegal to use it, nor is it harmful. I am using it for the past 6 years and I am very happy with it. For anyone who’s interested, I will give a tutorial on how to use it step by step. If you want, you can share the information in the topics, so anyone can see it. 1. Since Firefox is such a trouble maker you should get the firefox based Browser Pale Moon. Get it here: https://www.palemoon.org/ 2. Now in your Palemoon got to the IHG Forum and download the Program itself. https://imagehostgrabber.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=7 3. Restart Palemoon and click on the blue Pale Moon button on top Navigate to Imagehostgrabber then click on options like you see in pic go to the Embedded Images tab and check the “download embedded images” You can experiment with the width and height options as you like but I would suggest to set the file size to 0 Now go to the host File tab and make sure “Enabel automatic update” is checked. (optional) you can click on the File Saving Options tab and change the way files get renamed. On default it will rename the image with a number in front regarding the position of it on the page. Meaning the order is intakt. If you don’t want that just uncheck it then it gets the original File name. But be warned, this could lead to chaos in your folders. 4. Now it’s time to use it. Go to any bellazon threat with images on it (best if there are pics from imagebam or imagebox) Right klick anywhere on the page, Go to imagehostgrabber Press on “get all images from this site” Set a download folder and press confirm you want to update the hoste file by hitting ok. (you only have to do this once) hit ok again and watch the magic work. Once you did everything correctly you should see every pic in your destination folder. 5. Now here comes the best part. Of course downloading one page at a time is amazing but we can do better. Like in part 4 press anywhere at a threat you want to rip multiple pages. But this time hit “suck this current threat” You need to have seen at least to pages of this threat for it to work. Then again select the destination folder Decide the first and last page you want IHG to download and hit ok. This might take a while and your Pale moon might freez a couple of moments. Don’t panic this is normal. In my example I decidet do download page 1-10 And as you can see every image is in place. But keep in mind that IHG will download each and every image on a page you select. So peoples Avatars, signatures or just plane stupid Memes are going to be ripped as well. You can change that by setting the minimal image size 20 (as shown in point 3) but this will not always work. 6. Now it’s on you. Backup your images, and hopefully reupload them to a new imagehosting website. And edit your old posts to show the new links, or post them again. Final Words: IHG technically works for every website that uses Images. Facebook, Instagram, Gettyimages and even your daily news website, as long if the images are legaly obtainable. So No, you can’t get the untagged Gettyimages files withit. If any site is not compatible you can always ask in the https://imagehostgrabber.com/forum if someone can make it work. They are very nice and helpful people. As A short note, please don’t change the Max simulations http request to anything higher than 5. This already puts a heavy stress on any site you are using it on, so please don’t overdo it.
  13. Candice Swanepoel

    Thats one way to make a comeback....
  14. Problems and Suggestions for BZ - Post Here

    Yes kind of… But let me change that in something more useful with an idea and a hopefully non reported issue is seam to get a lot lately. First, I think the thumbnails should be set by you the admins (I think that was the idea all along wasn’t it?). Maybe with the ability for us users to change up to 10 just for our own account and not forced for everyone, if this is even possible. Another problem I have is that since the new design has been implemented a lot of my browsers plugins freez for a couple of seconds whenever I open more than one topic at a time. Especially youtube Videos seam to stop for me in that particular moment. Could be a Firefox issue but I wanted to let you guys know about it.
  15. Problems and Suggestions for BZ - Post Here

    Yeah I know, and I have read about the problem, but it’s still annoying so I thought I could at least say that. I didn’t mean to offend anybody sorry if it came around that way.