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  1. Thank you for all that Avi contend.
  2. Since I miss her long hair a lot, I decided to edit them back. I don´t know if you people here like that kind of stuff. But if you are interested i could post some more.
  3. If you want some Screens, these are what I made. Not the best quality but still.
  4. Thanks for all the updates! She looks better then ever.
  5. I don’t think I got all of it but here are some of the pics I could find.
  6. I am sorry to be the “Elsa is to skinny guy" of the month but Elsa seriously needs to gain her curves back. I know there are a lot of people who don’t see it, or like her recent look but as a long-time fan, I can’t stand it. I always thought Elsa hat one of the most amazing body’s in all of VS. Her hips and waist was outstanding, even compared to someone like Candice. Her belly was a thing of beauty and her face… OMG her Face… But nowadays or in these recent pics, I can barely recognise her. Her curves are completely gone. I wonder why she has changed so much in recent years.
  7. And let’s not forget she’s a mother.
  8. This took way too long but I think all of them have their hq pics now, at least the ones with a topic.
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