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  1. I made some Screenshots from her SI Videos Hope you like them.
  2. Anyone seen ninas pics? Can’t open them on the page.
  3. I thought so, but I wanted to tell you guys anyway. I wouldn’t be surprised either. I mean SI wants to do something different in recent years. Last year we had a plus size model, so why not a plus age Model this year? I personal would want to see either Nina or Barbara on the cover but who knows.
  4. So this German Website pretends to know who got the cover. I don’t know how legit they are, but they are at least a bigger gossip magazine in Germany. "Christie Brinkley: Mit 63 auf dem Cover der Sports Illustrated" Translaits to: Christie Brinkley: At the age of 63 on the cover of Sports illustrated
  5. Some of her Instagram Pics
  6. Wow she is so beautiful, thanks again for the upload. It’s so sad, that not many people seem to know/like her.
  7. Day 14 - Taylor Hill by Phil Poynter (LOVE Advent 2016) I don’t know how long this will be online. They uploaded another one to but this was already deleted. Don’t know what’s up with that.
  8. Omg I am loving her outfit for the viewing party Thanks Sunshiine
  9. Well then that’s that. But at least it’s a very see through panty to say the least or just a very good cameltoe….
  10. is this a fake? My bad. You can see the Pantie sry^^ Or not... not sure ... holy shitt....
  11. Well no problem, thanks for trying
  12. Are you going to post the calendar pics for us?
  13. From what I have seen in some see through images from her, her nips look a bit larger. So maybe she is ashamed of them idk. Or she simple doesn’t want to show them. Oh and… WOOOW this woman is so god damn sexy
  14. How many pics can we expect from her? I hope it’s more than one picture…