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Top Raunchy Music Videos


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This is somewhat self-explanatory. Name the dirtiest music videos you have seen.

The dirtiest one I can think of that I've seen recently is booty poppin - ludacris (i hate it lol)

hmm others:

a couple of benny benassi videos - satisfaction and who's ur daddy

Work It - Missy Elliot

Play - David Banner

how do you want it - tupac

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this thread is TOO great... ^^ aphex twin vids freak me the hell out..lol!!!

david baners 'play' gives me girly wood :sex:

benny benassi...~~hot oiled up jiggly girls :drool: 'nuff said

my pics are ~whats your fantasy~ by ludacris~ i would put the video on the page but youtube wont let me*sneering at youtube*

~feak -a-leek~ petey pablo

~smack my bitch up~prodigy_this vid has the best ending of all time!!! :blink:

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Play - David Banner (WARNING ... explicit)

remember peaches and cream? it wasn't that raunchy but the things that are said and just all of the implications make it very raunchy.

OHHH U Already know by 112 (the lyrics)

Jowell y Randy - Bailando Solita (dirty looking girls dancing around humping motorbikes)

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