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  1. pure

    Carmen Kass

    Love the Peggy Sirota ed. Thanks Nefertiti, I hadn't seen it in HQ She hasn't lost a piece of her charm!
  2. pure

    Daria Strokous

    The Playing Fashion cover is very striking. It just grabs your attention.
  3. pure

    Abc: Songs

    I Die - The Magnetic Fields
  4. pure


    Lisa Cant
  5. pure

    Isabeli Fontana

    Looking hot as ever! Can't get enough of her Muse shoot.
  6. pure

    The best high fashion model

    Valentina, I guess.
  7. pure

    What did you last buy!

    Groceries from Trader Joe's
  8. pure

    Now Playing

    The Knife - Pass This On
  9. pure

    Sasha Pivovarova

    Love the first one. Thanks buhlack and TGA
  10. pure

    Sexiest "Pretty Boy" Celebrity

    Ryan Philippe is as pretty as they get...
  11. pure

    Sasha Pivovarova

    Indeed I wish my pj's were Rodarte One minute she looks like she'll eat you alive and the next she looks as innocent as a little kitten. Definitely the best working model of this time and possibly the best model to date! It's no wonder why the fashion world loves her and consistently uses her in editorials or in their runway shows. She's so inspiring and versatile, a true muse.
  12. pure

    Now Playing

    The National - Slow Show