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Jodhi-Amy Rivera

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Agree or disagree?

She's been in a few musicals and homemade videos.



"Jodie Rivera

Alternative / Rock / Pop

Bio: Jodie-Amy Rivera (formerly Jodie-Amy Messaline) grew up in Southeastern Massachusetts. Her childhood was a busy one for a little girl, and molded her into the well-rounded performing artist she is today. At only four years old, she began taking voice lessons. At five years old, she enrolled in musical theater, tap, jazz, and ballet.

At eight years old, Jodie showed a liking for the film industry. Her mother enrolled her in workshops for acting in front of the camera. Soon after, her father bought her first home video camera. Little did he know that this was the beginning of a serious hobby. By her mid-teens, Jodie would have directed over one-hundred original short films.

Jodie didn't stop there. Before venturing into teen-hood, she appeared in major motion pictures such as Hocus Pocus, School Ties, and House Sitter. Other professional credits include small roles in the WGBH mini-series Connecting With English and a national commercial for Dyslexia awareness. Jodie was also featured as the principle role in a New England Telephone commercial, as well as in a nationally broadcast public service announcement.

By the age of 13, Jodie had performed in eleven full-scale musicals and various recitals for dance and voice. Taking a break from dancing, she decided to concentrate on her singing. She competed in and won first place for her vocal performances in several state talent competitions. She also made a name for herself in the pageantry circuit, and won the state title of Miss Massachusetts Queen.

During the year before high school, Jodie discovered her talent for songwriting. She wrote graduation anthem "I Will Never Forget You," and sang it for her classmates on class night. Jodie also composed several classical style pieces on the piano. During this time, she was beginning to develop an operatic vocal ability, while studying at the South Shore Conservatory of Music in Hingham, MA.

Jodie went on to study opera and vocal technique at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. She is now in her twenties. Keeping musical theater in her life, she has continued to perform locally. Some of her recent roles include; Emma Carew in Jekyll & Hyde, The Musical, Magnolia in the Show Boat segment of Hollywood Classics, and Maria in West Side Story. Roles in dramatic plays include; Juliet in Romeo & Juliet, Amy in Little Women, and Flora in The Turn of The Screw.

Jodie's professional resume has also expanded. In the touring production of Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of The Opera, she earned rave reviews for her performance as the soprano lead Christine. She has cantered numerous wedding ceremonies, and has been hired to sing the National Anthem for baseball games. Jodie has also toured as the lead vocalist of Christian vocal group Heart to Heart.

Jodie had the opportunity to put her composing skills to work when she was asked to write an original musical score for Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Jodie was the pianist for the the show that was performed by a local middle school Drama Club. Jodie's first experience as a director was for The Secret Garden, for which she again wrote all original music and lyrics.

Although Jodie no longer competes in state-wide talent competitions, she occasionally submits her vocals for national contests. In 2004, She was the 2nd place finalist for Clear Channel's Radio Star®, a national vocal competition for Sony Records.

Jodie has made an effort to reach children through the performing arts. She has toured elementary schools in the Massachusetts area, performing as Lucy in You're A Good Man Charlie Brown, and singing as a lead in An Environmental Awareness Musical.

Jodie has also had the opportunity to educate students of all ages in the performing arts. She volunteered as the assistant choral instructor at the Davis Elementary School in Brockton, MA. She then went on to teach vocal technique at Horrigan Music School in Brockton and Whitman, MA. After relocating to Florida, Jodie taught voice lessons at music schools in the Hernando County area.

Having settled back in Massachusetts for the last two years with her husband, Jodie has been writing and recording material for her new self-titled album. With an edgy rock/pop vibe, the sound of the album has been compared to that of Evanescence and Kelly Clarkson. But being true to her unique style, the overall vibe should be like nothing you have heard before."

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Okay, it's Jodie; full first name is Jodie-Amy. I got the info.

Anyway, I do see why you say she looks "plastic". However, yeah, she's real. I see a lot of girls who doll themselves up the same way or more but don't quite have the natural doll features to back it up.

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Ah, so she was in Hocus Pocus? I liked that movie when I was smaller. I don't remember her.

I just went back to read that part in the bio (as I didn't read the bio before). Wow, I don't recall her whatsoever and don't see her listed in imdb.com's cast and crew members list; she must've had an extremely small part OR appeared in another film piece version of what we're thinking of.

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Yeah, she has a very unique look. I am captivated by her big light eyes, with very long dark hair. She reminds me of a younger combination of Angelina Jolie and Aishwarya Rai.

Anyway, I am new to this site, but I think I'll just jump right in. I did some research on her. She is actually a celebrity in the making, already an internet phenom. Her videos are quite good for a girl shooting in her livingroom, playing all the characters and doing all the special effects and editing herself. I was actually quite impressed. Here are some more pictures I found of her:


Here is a video vlog she made about her youtube success:

Here is a video she did as a 1940's murder mystery:

Her youtube channel: youtube.com/venetianprincess

I found some press she has gotten recently:

She was on Fox News

She was on ABC news, Boston

Article about her in Boston Herald

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It's sad really. This girl wants fame so bad, she'll do anything for it. Including covering her face with loads of a substance identified as make-up.

Not feeling it. Sorry girl. Some people are made for hollywood, others aren't. Go....ride a horse or something otherwise useful..

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