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  1. Daniela Cosio

    Fherguz, you're the best. Gracias!
  2. Karen Carreno

  3. Marcela Boaventura Von Oerding

    Here's the pdf version of the catalog she's featured in. Enjoy. Cat_CarlaCariniAI_07_08.pdf Cat_CarlaCariniAI_07_08.pdf
  4. Marcela Boaventura Von Oerding

    She's featured in the Autumn/Winter Carla Carini catalog but I can't get the images from the website. Bummer. Here's a image that's available for download on the site.
  5. Miranda Kerr

    Maybe it's about his inner beauty ... I'm sure he's awfully nice and got a great character ... :brows: :yuckky: Oh Sweetie, Evidently, you don't know Brandon. He was given the moniker Greasy Pig for a reason.
  6. Miranda Kerr

    Maybe it's about his inner beauty ... I'm sure he's awfully nice and got a great character ... :brows:
  7. Yasmin Le Bon

    Thanks so much for restarting her thread Miss. Yasmin had one here but it was one of those things we lost in the crash. LOL.
  8. Emanuela de Paula

    Just a few more.
  9. Emanuela de Paula

    The Lovely Manu. Taken from VS. Hopefully none are reposts.
  10. Katarina Vargas

    a couple of newbies from Fashion Model Directory
  11. Miranda Kerr

    Miranda definitely needs a better class of friends. I'm praying they're only friends. Picture courtesy of just jared.
  12. Jasmine Sanders

    jasmine.bmp jasmine1.bmp jasmine2.bmp jasmine3.bmp
  13. Emanuela de Paula

    According to posts on The Fashion Spot, Emanuela won't be walking for VS this year after all. Personally, I don't care for the VS shows but I thought the exposure would be wonderful for her.
  14. the other forum ibelonged to for like a day had the most amazing chrystele pics ive ever seen.

    if you promise not to post them

    ill send you what i have... the pics are freking amazing.but since i told her i didnt want my scans on her site anymore--i promised that her scans wouldnt be posted. let me know and ill send them over.thanks again for your help

  15. Chrystele Saint Louis Augustin

    Ooops! Sorry about the double posting of the pics above. And credit once again to The Fashion Spot.....