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Minka Kelly & Leighton Meester Talk About The Roommate

Leighton and Minka talk about their characters...

Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester star in the upcoming psychological thriller The Roommate. They spoke to IGN recently from the set.

Here are some highlights:

Leighton Meester on her character Rebecca: "[What she suffers from is not] a psychological disorder [but a] character disorder. I guess it's all neurological, but it's more that it can be helped, I think. I talked to a couple of doctors about it and people who specialize in character disorders like that, but nothing is set in stone. It's really hard to say what goes into being that kind of person. I was asking the doctors what happened to her. Was she like abused or something? And he's like, 'Not necessarily.' Nobody necessarily has to have any kind of past. Someone from a terrible family could grow up great or vice-versa. In her case she comes from what seems to be a pretty good family. She just has this issue. It could be a genetic imbalance, chemicals or whatever."

"It's basically that she's on medication and when she stops taking it - the thing is when you stop taking anti-psychotic medication you become psychotic. That's what happens to her. I think that she views Sara as her only source for love. That's what starts to get her very paranoid, frustrated and eventually violent because other people and things are threatening her existence in her mind because they're threatening her friendship with Sara. And anybody who gets in the way of that love is getting in the way of her life."

Minka on her character Sara's relationship with her new roommate Rebecca: "She thinks what most girls think when you make new friends, especially when you're in a roommate situation: you hope for the best and you think the best until proven wrong. It's probably about a halfway through the movie that you start to see little revelations of oddness."

Minka on playing a straight-laced character: "Of course, everyone always wants the juiciest role, but I think it's up to you to make whichever role that you get the best as you can. So I was very pleased with the role I was given and grateful to even have the job."

Minka on director Christian E. Christiansen: "He knows exactly what he wants and he has a very specific vision. He's able to articulate that to you, which is very helpful and also he's very technical, which I love. Even when it comes to looking a certain way or blinking at a certain line, he knows every moment that he wants."

411 mania

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October 15, 2010

B6GKr.jpg B6JeA.jpg B6LJJ.jpg B6OdS.jpg

B6QJ0.jpg B6Td9.jpg B6VIi.jpg B6Ycr.jpg

New York Yankee Derek Jeter and his lady love, actress Minka Kelly, cozied up at a Dallas, TX Starbucks on Friday and only RadarOnline.com has the photos.

Minka and Jeter, who was in town with the Yankees for the MLB play-offs against the Texas Rangers, had just arrived at the Crescent Hotel in Dallas when they walked into a nearby Starbucks.

According to an eyewitness, the couple acted like anyone else, waiting patiently in the long line of customers.

"It looked like they had just arrived because their bus outside was unloading all of their stuff," the insider told RadarOnline.com exclusively.

"They were pretty quiet and kept to themselves. At one point someone yelled out, 'hey Derek!' and he looked really uncomfortable, like he didn't want to be recognized. He kind of turned and gave a half smile, but she kind of laughed and was sweet about it."

Perhaps the baseball star was just anxious about his upcoming game. The eyewitness told RadarOnline.com that Jeter and Kelly, who starred in TV's acclaimed high school football series, Friday Night Lights, arrived at around 2:15 p.m.---- just a few hours before the Yankees-Rangers game was set to start.

"I was surprised to see them getting coffee so close to game time," the source said. "My mom works for the Rangers and I know that players have to be at the field several hours before the first pitch."

The witness said Minka, who was just voted Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire magazine, was dressed casually in leggings and a plain top. She ordered "a small coffee" while Jeter "ordered a monster Venti fancy latte drink."

Oh, and the Yankees won the game - 6 to 5.


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Minka Kelly Has a Dripping Departure

Minka Kelly carries a dripping wet box out to the trash on Thursday (October 14) in Los Angeles.

The next day, the 30-year-old actress took a flight out of LAX airport.

Minka was recently crowned the sexiest woman in the world by Esquire magazine! She told the mag about her humble upbringings and her thoughts on manners and being polite to everyone.

Last month, the trailer for Minka’s movie with Leighton Meester, The Roommate, was released! The film comes out early next year!

wngy0.jpg wnj29.jpg wno1r.jpg

wnqwA.jpg wnt0J.jpg wnvvS.jpg


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Current Google Insight Trends: Minka Kelly, 'Medal of Honor', RATP

The "Sexiest Woman Alive" and first-person shooter video game Medal of Honor were among some of the top Google Insights Trends of the last seven days.

American actress Minka Kelly, perhaps best known for her role in the series Friday Night Lights, was named "Sexiest Woman Alive" 2010 by Esquire, ahead of the November publication of the men's magazine. No doubt this news contributed to the star's online popularity and helped make her the Google search term with the largest increase over the last seven days... The search terms with the most significant growth worldwide in the last seven days as measured by Google Insights, recorded on October 18 at 8:30 AM GMT are:

1. Minka Kelly (+2,700%)

2. Medal of Honor (+130%)

3. RATP (+90%)

4. SNCF (+50%)

5. ??? (Guo Jingjing) (+50%)

6. Chatroulette (+40%)

7. CNN (+40%)

the independent

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Yankees - and Derek Jeter - Get Support from Minka Kelly

FacebookTwitterE-mailTake her out to the ballgame!

With the New York Yankees just two wins away from the World Series, Minka Kelly was cheering loudly at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx on Wednesday as her longtime beau Derek Jeter and his team bested the Texas Rangers, 7-2.

The couple have long been the subject of engagement rumors, though they've never confirmed that they plan to wed. In January, the New York Post reported that the baseball player and Kelly, 30, were set to tie the knot on November 5, only days after the World Series is scheduled to conclude.

people magazine

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^Meh, I liked her on Glee but I don't really think that makes her Hollywood's Sexiest Cheerleader. :/

Edit:// Ah, the Yankees won't be going to the World Series. I mean, I'm happy about this, but I feel bad for her. However, now that the Yankees are out of the running, I suppose this means that if she and Jeter are planning to get married on Nov. 5th, it could happen without a hitch. I don't think they will, but if they do, then I'm happy for Minka. :hehe:

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