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^:woot: Gorgeus pictures. I'm in love with that red lipstick on her.

Minka Kelly: I'm Not Getting Married Next Month!

Minka Kelly pulls on a pair of Agent Provocateur stockings in this sexy new shot from GQ magazine's February 2011 issue, on newsstands Tuesday (January 25).

Here's what the 30-year-old Roommate actress had to share:

On her impending marriage to Derek Jeter: "I promise you, I'm not getting married in the next month."

On the real deal on her problematic Delta flight: "Do people think that somewhere in my brain, I think Derek can save me from someone telling me my dog can’t fly? If that's the way I worked, he would have left me a long time ago."


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Roommate Wanted!

Gents, just a note of warning: Yes, Minka Kelly's got a new movie (The Roommate), and yes, as you can see by these photos, the woman is hot. But you should know this: She also has a boyfriend who knows how to use a bat (Derek Jeter).

There are plenty of things we guys would like to know about Minka Kelly—like whether she needs a hand with those stockings—but here's the only thing we really need to know. Back in September, the former Miss Friday Night Lights got herself mixed up in a twenty-four-hour gossip tempest involving her dog, some flight attendants, an argument in first class, and a supposedly frantic call to her famous shortstop boyfriend. Such stories exist to be blown out of proportion. The only part that still irks Kelly? The idea that she'd call Captain America for help. She is not that kind of girl. "Do people think that somewhere in my brain, I think Derek can save me from someone telling me my dog can't fly?" she asks. "If that's the way I worked, he would have left me a long time ago." Fortunately the man is no fool. After all, Kelly's big-screen career is just beginning to lift off. This month the 30-year-old actress gets her first starring role, in The Roommate, an update of Single White Female that promises to be a zillion times more delectable because (a) it's set in college, and (b) the Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh roles will be played by Minka Kelly and Leighton Meester. She also has a pivotal role in Adam Sandler's new comedy, Just Go with It, in which he plays a single dude who pretends to be stuck in a bad marriage to score sympathy lays. And after that? We hate to pry, but since this magazine doesn't come out for weeks, can Kelly at least spare us any embarrassing surprises about her endlessly rumored nuptials? "I promise you, I'm not getting married in the next month." And she wouldn't lie, right? She's not that kind of girl.


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Minka Kelly joins 'Charlie's Angels' TV reboot

After fending off a female psychopath in the upcoming thriller "The Roommate," Minka Kelly's next role seems heaven sent: She's set to star as one of the sexy undercover crimefighters in ABC's "Charlie's Angels" reboot.

According to TVLine, the former "Friday Night Lights" star will play a neat-freak former Marine and weapons expert who is tentatively named Marisa. Besides Kelly, "Transformers" star Rachael Taylor is also close to sealing a deal to play Abby, who, like her corrupt Wall Street father, is a bit of a con artist herself.

Rounding out the cast are "General Hospital" star Annie Ilonzeh, who has already signed on as Kate, a former cop and the most serious of the Angels, and Robert Wagner as Charlie, the trio's heard-but-not-seen boss at the Charles Townsend Agency.

As Marquee previously reported, the original "Charlie's Angels" - which starred Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith - was set in Los Angeles, but the update will switch the action to Miami.

What do you think of the show's new cast?

Marquee Blogs

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Entertainment Weekly's 17th Annual Pre-Screen Actors Guild Awards Party - Arrivals

Actress Minka Kelly arrives at Entertainment Weekly’s celebration honoring the 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards nominees hosted by Jess Cagle and presented by L’Oreal Paris at Chateau Marmont on January 29, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.



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