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Actress Minka Kelly became a Los Angeles nurse so she could pay her bills while she was chasing her modeling dreams. The caring star didn't want to waste time waiting tables while she went for talent auditions and so she spent a year working at a hospital.

She says, "I was a receptionist at this doctor's office and I became friends with this scrub nurse there because I was fascinated by the surgery and I wasn't squeamish. I got fired from that job... and I learned that going to school to be a scrub nurse was just over a year."

"I became a surgical technician, a scrub nurse... I worked a six-month externship at California"

From her interview on Lopez tonight. I can't post the interview here, because I don't know how to embed it, but you can watch it at minkakelly.org or Here, a direct link to the video.


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Rumor: Minka Kelly Up For Wonder Woman?

The Friday Night Lights actress was mentioned on ESPN in connection with the Wonder Woman tv series that WB are planning..

I just received a report from one of our contributers that he heard on ESPN that Minka Kelly may play Wonder Woman in the new tv series. It was while comparing Kelly and Derek Jeter, discussing who may have a "brighter future" that Kelly was mentioned in connection with the new show that DC/WB have in the works.

Kelly is probably best known as Lyla Garrity in the Friday Night Lights tv show, but has also starred in several movies. Any fans of Marc Webb's 500 Days of Summer will remember her cameo at the end as Autumn!... As you can see Kelly is listed as possibly starring in a Wonder Woman film, but during the tv cast, it was mentioned as being a TV show. Of course its anyone's guess if ESPN's information is accurate, but there you go. More updates as we have em.


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On Wonder Woman Actress...

Ashley Greene as Wonder Woman in TV Show Reboot?

Honestly, I think it sounds pretty cool. Definetely the type of show I'd watch, as long as it isn't too much like Smallville. I could definetely do without the terrible acting.

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New Wonder Woman Show?

Warner Bros. Television is looking at bringing Wonder Woman to the small screen.

The show has been greenlighted, but executives are looking at how to do this show with a modern slant.

The DC cominc heroine has undergone many changes over the years. Recently, in the comics she had a costume change. This could carry over to the new TV series.

J. Michael Straczynski has been selected as the writer for the new series. Lynda Carter played Wonder Woman on the previous television series from 1975-79.

There would be many fine choices for Wonder Woman this time around. Possibilities include Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis, and Minka Kelly.

Out of these, I think Minka definetely has the best shot. Mila and Kristen seem to be all film these days (minus Mila's role as Meg Griffin on Family Guy, of course. :hehe:)

gossip jackel

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Jeter selling Midtown apartment amid Minka love-nest buzz

Yankee captain Derek Jeter is giving up the Midtown pad he bought when he was one of the Big Apple's most eligible bachelors -- leading pals to wonder if he's planning to play house at a trendy downtown address with his gorgeous squeeze, TV star Minka Kelly.

He's put his current digs, in Trump World Tower on First Avenue, on sale for a cool $20 million.

The spectacular apartment, which he bought for $12.6 million in 2001, boasts four bedrooms and 16-foot floor-to-ceiling windows, which flood the place with light and offer jaw-dropping views of the East River and Queens.

But the building and dowdy neighborhood near the United Nations just don't have that Gotham glitz and cachet that suits a woman like the "Friday Night Lights" star, who has dated Jeter for more than two years, a source said.

"Minka's vibe is more downtown," the source said, speculating she'll be eyeing buildings in trendier neighborhoods like TriBeCa or SoHo.

In the meantime, Jeter is putting the finishing touches on a massive, 30,875-square-foot, seven-bedroom, nine-bathroom waterfront home on Davis Islands in Tampa, Fla. -- conveniently located near the Yankees' spring training facility.

The shortstop's new shack -- known as "St. Jetersburg" by locals -- is also more than big enough for two, further fueling speculation that he and the 30-year-old star are engaged or very close to becoming engaged.

Donald Trump, who personally sold Jeter his current apartment without a broker, still has warm feelings for the Yankee legend despite his plans to move out.

"Derek is the greatest. There's nobody like him," said Trump.

The 36-year-old Jeter, who never played with a major-league team other than the Bronx Bombers, is expected to sign a contract at the end of this season that will ensure he ends his playing days in pinstripes.

But his plummeting performance at the plate has led to speculation that Yankees brass will try to lowball him during contract negotiations. He earned $22.6 million this year.

Jeter avoided reporters yesterday after going hitless and committing a throwing error during a 3-2 win over the Baltimore Orioles.

"His contract is coming up, and that is probably scary," another source said.

Jeter's current residence in the Trump World Tower caused him some grief -- and cost him possibly millions of dollars in back taxes -- back in 2008.

That year, the star signed a confidential settlement with state tax authorities, who had charged that he improperly claimed Florida residency on his returns filed in 2001 through 2003.

Florida has no state income tax, while both New York state and city do.

With his Yankee contract and signing bonus paying him well more than $10 million in all three of those years, Jeter could have been liable for millions of dollars in New York back taxes.

Oooh, if he does make less money next year, maybe she should hold off on the engagement and trade up. :p


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^The way it's spelled. For me, anyway, I don't know if you life in the U.S. but it's pretty much "Mint" without the "t" and "ka" as in "kuh".

I don't know. I'm not very good with phonetics. :/

And Minka was on Parenthood again last night. You can click here for the video.

She appears at 12.18 and 29.30. :flower:

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Shooting for Esquire: Video Here

Another Excuse to Watch Our Minka Kelly Video (Also: Cheeseburgers. Possibly Two of Them.)

Minka Kelly has wisdom. More wisdom than her years should have granted her — she's only thirty, but she has this way of cocking her head, scrunching up one side of her face, and looking at you with an amused incredulity that makes it clear that she knows more about the world than you’d expect a thirty-year-old would. And more wisdom than she looks like she should have, but that's probably because our world teaches us that women whose beauty knocks the wind out of you for a second every time you see them aren't supposed to be wise. She is the kind of person you trust when she talks about Hollywood, or about hardship, or about what makes a good friend. But she doesn't look like the kind of person who eats a cheeseburger every day, and so I wondered what she, a woman who was hyper-aware of everything that happened to her, thought of the cheeseburgers at All AmericanAll American, where we stopped after she schooled me at wakeboarding. Or indeed if she thought about them at all.

All American is in Massapequa, Long Island, and it looks as if it's been there since about 1957. Probably has. The cheeseburgers are not large — a small disk of meat in a small white bun, wrapped in white paper, the cheese melting right into the beef. We both ordered no onions.

I said, "I might have to get another one after this." It was a cheeseburger without parallel. Salty, juicy, perfect burger-to-bun ratio. Perfect.

"Me too,” Minka said. "This is amazing."

Wow, I thought.

But then in addition to the cheeseburgers we ate fries and onion rings and each drank a thick vanilla milkshake.

"I don't think I'm going to get another one, actually," I said.

"Me neither," Minka said.

But it was the fact that she thought about it — that she entertained the notion of ordering a second cheeseburger—that was so wonderful. She didn't just say it was good, and she wasn’t talking about the weather or my incompetence at wakeboarding while she ate it. She talked about the cheeseburger. Seemed to study it. She appreciated it. She understood it. That it was an extraordinary cheeseburger was obvious to me, but that's not something every woman recognizes in the moment or, rarer still, gets excited about.

And Minka did. Minka got excited about the cheeseburger.

Discovering this about her, that she could be so enthusiastic about a cheeseburger, I realize, stings a little. You look at pictures of her (or that video above), and you figure she couldn’t possibly be as cool as she is beautiful. And then she goes and almost orders a second cheeseburger.


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