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and if there is one thing in life you ever do, it is to record your squad cheering to U Can't Touch This :ddr:

That or jump off 42 stories and stand up like nothing ever happened and look into the camera and say "That was attempt number 6" :|

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How do I apply to be the one lifting the girls up by the asses? :rofl: or do you have to be gay to do that? :shifty:

*acts gay*

You have to act to do that ed? I kid I kid :ddr:

But seriously where can i sign up for that too?

We had a cheer team at my old high school, they never did anything :idk:

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Is cheerleading a sport

In my opinion cheerleading and sport shouldn’t even be used in the same sentence. How much skill can it really take to yell a bunch of cheers while waving your arms around like a traffic guard? I mean, half the time they worry more about the way they look than the routine they are performing.

“Cheerleading takes strength and power.” I’m not disagreeing. Lifting a 115- pound girl over your head takes a lot of strength. But that doesn’t make it a sport. Delivery men lift boxes well over a hundred pounds, multiple times a day, so does that mean delivery men are athletes. No.

Even the cheerleaders themselves will tell you they don’t think cheering on the sidelines it’s a sport (I’m glad they can admit that). But they also say that since they compete two to three times a year, that makes it a sport.

The guy is confused. Sideline cheerleading, with pom-poms and dance routines, is not a sport. But competitive cheerleading, which combines gymnastics and stuntwork, is a sport. It's two different things but he wants to see them as one because of the common name.

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