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  1. Jen Arellano
  2. ^No its not, its Bri Chen. IG: @brizzy_chen
  3. +Kyla from girls selected from agencies
  4. Confirmed Melanie Friedel
  5. It's Luna Sobrino! https://www.instagram.com/lunasobrino/
  6. #9 is Jenna Just from Ford Chicago! https://www.instagram.com/_justjenna_/
  7. It's Annie Marie:
  8. Yesss, she's so cute!
  9. You can see Alanna's parents in the last few pictures in this article http://www.thegazette.com/subject/news/cedar-rapids-native-ready-to-walk-the-victorias-secret-runway-20161125
  10. I think those may be cutouts of the wings so that they can line everyone up for the finale?
  11. I'd love for Ale to close TRA with those wings! Love them!
  12. Haha I know, I meant another Swarovski outfit/piece, like the reply below mentions. Or something completely different altogether, since VS is apparently really into "mystery" these days ha. But I think it'd be a great co-branding idea to capitalize on for both brands, as Karlie has worked/works with both of them. .
  13. I think if Karlie walks, she might wear an outfit/wings by Swarovski since she is their spokesmodel now? Maybe that's what they are waiting on...
  14. Agreed. Hard training requires more calories - if you've never trained before its hard to know. These girls are eating healthy food with high protein content.
  15. That definitely looks like S&A, not SIA