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  1. Necessaryclothing.com ID request

    Emily Matthews
  2. Two Lulus.com Models - 2017

    This is Lais Oliveira
  3. 2017 Revolve Models?

    2. Katie Fitzsimmons
  4. Meredith Mickelson

    IMO, I don't think she'd be very far if she didn't start wearing her light green contacts
  5. Lauren de Graaf

    Exactly, she's too good for VS!
  6. Vita Sidorkina

    Yes, hopefully she starts a comeback!
  7. Forever 21 blonde

    Olivia Karina
  8. Urban outfitters

    Zoi Aggeliki Mantzakanis
  9. Karlie Kloss

    Congrats to Karlie on the marathon! Super impressive!
  10. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    I meant in terms of the actual contracted angels
  11. Sonia Ben Ammar

    Wow her face looks so much different in the video... You can tell she really knows her angles for her photos
  12. The Official Victoria's Secret Thread

    Agreed, the show was feeling a bit stale with the same girls walking every show... Time for some new faces to shine!
  13. Lauren de Graaf

    Sad she didn't make it to the VS show, she's such a beauty!