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  1. https://pagesix.com/2024/06/16/celebrity-news/gisele-bundchen-gets-cozy-with-joaquim-valente-on-stroll-amid-split-rumors/
  2. Really? I knew some bummer would come in the end but I didn't expect this one AT ALL. I like it when movies can still surprise me.
  3. It must be a real bummer for all haters who didn't stop lamenting how he wouldn't date a "real supermodel" ever again because no "real model" would touch him 😅 Misjudgment at its finest lol
  4. This movie has a monstrous cast Bonus: soft Boyd 🥰 I was shocked how much I liked it because I never heard about it before 😮😆 have you watched it? @Lilja K
  5. Really? I read a book you didn't??? Wow 😁
  6. Before someone wonders Cami is part of this 2nd season.
  7. Is there also a 2nd book?
  8. No reason needed for those 2 @Lilja K
  9. Absolute perfection @Lilja K @Anasxs Elle Fanning attends the The 77th Annual Tony Awards.
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