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  1. Take it easy baby let them say what they will. Will your tongue wag so much when they send you the bill?
  2. One of the hottest scenes ever.
  3. She is going to knock it out of the park in SI.
  4. Her legs look great in these pix. They are under rated
  5. The topics stay black and bolded and not grayed out after I visit a page so I cannot tell if a page or topic has been updated since my last visit to that page. Any suggestions?
  6. WOW!
  7. Not a good pic of her.
  8. The commercial would have been awesome if she was NOT wearing the hoodie.
  9. Looked hot on last nights episode!
  10. I was hoping her hair grew back.
  11. Who is the chick in the latest Old Navy commercial with Amy Poehler?
  12. Smokin! Although I do prefer the classic red white and blue WW costume.
  13. How do you get a job telling a smokin' hot model what to do? ??