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  1. Bara Holotova featured in 'New Wave' for The Ones 2 Watch
  2. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth for GQ U.K., May 2010
  3. Tayane Leão Melo photographed by Sacha Höchstetter in “Ombro Em Evidência” for Maire Claire Brasil, March 2010
  4. Monika is so amazing. I love the latest editorial with Solve Sundsbo. She's so developed in the face and body, especially for her young age. It makes me wanna return to Europe even more to test with models there.
  5. Personally, I love her in Pirelli.
  6. I can't wait for HQs of the Numéro editorial!
  7. Photography: Michael Thompson Publication: Allure Magazine Date: February, 2010
  8. Does anyone have HQs for Vogue Russia? I think they have 'em at TFS but it's uploaded only to their site so I can't see shit.
  9. I guess no one here knows. But if you're wondering, Alexi Lubomirski is the photographer.
  10. Catherine McNeil & Abbey Lee Kershaw by Greg Kadel | Australian Vogue: "Come As You Are" - HD VIDEO
  11. Abbey Lee Kershaw & Catherine McNeil by Greg Kadel | Australian Vogue: "Come As You Are" - HD VIDEO
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