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Found 17 results

  1. Anyone know the female model, please? TIA uomoclassico.com
  2. 1. 1995 my scan 2. 1998 my scan 3. 2006 (I have an opinion of who this is, but I want to see if I am right) my scan I'll be adding others as the days go on as I am sorting my collection. TIA
  3. Thought maybe Lauren Searle, but I don't think so. Any help please?
  4. Hi! Does anyone know the names of these H&M and Guess models? Thanks for your help! 1. H&M Lingerie 2. GUESS Lingerie
  5. IG, photoshoots and othersđź“·
  6. Hi, I would like to know if any of you have a REALISTIC idea of how much does a model make for a Guess? (Marciano) campaign. As many of you know, Guess? usually takes uknown (or almost unknown) models and bring them to fame (if lucky), so I would like to know (more or less) how much money do a girl make for a shooting with this brand (shooting meant as pictures that will be part of the campain, on booklets, magazines ecc.). Some told me about $50,000 for a single shooting (I assume Guess? has more than one collection - denim, lingerie, Marciano, ecc.) and since the brand is one of the biggest commercial brands ever may be true, but it looks anyway very high for an unexperienced model (and usually they seem to have 3/4 girls per campaign) - even though it still doesn't sound impossible as it probably is the most coveted middle-class brand in the world. Thanks for any useful reply!
  7. Does anyone know who this model is?
  8. Hi all. So I saw an ad while out today and the model mesmerized me. Does anyone know who she is? I managed to find some pictures online, but google gives me nothing.
  9. Meghan Von Wiggins, featured model in reality show "REMODELED" on THE CW. Height: 5'10" Bust: 32 Waist: 25 Hips: 36.5 Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Signed with Premier Models in London, Sigal Models & The Phoenix Agency.
  10. The New Face of GUESS. Born in a quiet suburb outside Toronto, Canada, Ashley Diana has the humble smile of a girl next door, the sheepish look of a confident dreamer and the beauty rarely seen. She completed a honors degree at the University of Toronto in Theatre and English Literature having her sights set on a career in film and television. During her schooling Ashley Diana landed a lead role on the hit Global television series “The Best Years” as Shannon Biel. However, Ashley Diana’s big break came when she was discovered by famous photographer, Odette Sugerman, in Vancouver, Canada. Paul Marciano soon met with Ashley Diana and confirmed Odette had indeed found a star. Heralded as the perfect mix of Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe and Claudia Schiffer, she is coming onto the fashion scene with two major campaigns for Guess Jeans. With the success spawned from Guess, Ashley Diana is now honored to be photographed in some of the world’s most beautiful places by some of the fashion industry’s elite.( http://ashleydianamorris.com/)
  11. I'm TERRIBLE with IDs on Guess models. She is in my new Fall 2016 catalog... I'll be looking for her in the meantime. I KNOW that I should know who she is - just can't remember her name. TIA
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