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  1. She's in the new Weeknd music video
  2. Does anyone know why Roos Abels Instagram account was suspended? That being said, I've seen ig outages going all over the world right now. Anybody know what is going on?
  3. I think there are two Merel Zoets and people are mixing them up. Admin please look into this.
  4. Sanne has more followers on youtube than instagram, which speaks volumes about her content, it's actually good if you are into that sort of thing. It's good she has a bigger female fanbase than male.
  5. Thank you guys for all the updates. It's almost like a livestream. Thank you all for your efforts, know that there's atleast one person being genuinely gracious. Tea helps people to stay awake and I'm talking about real tea, not green tea. Hopefully this is helpful.
  6. I don't know how to answer this. It's actually supposed to be Japanese. The Sumo wrestler is a dead giveaway. She's wearing a kimono and some variants of that.
  7. Karlie should have objected. Scarlett's role is of an android, who is technically a white woman. It's the voice actor who was Japanese, and the name as well, so they associate that role as a Japanese girl. Can I explain cultural appropriation as an Indian in this thread here? People might see things from a different POV. I'm not Japanese, but I might be able to explain few things.
  8. I really want to see her photos she shot in Rajasthan, India. If she is wearing traditional ethnic clothing, she will look even more beautiful. Mark my words- It will be her best photoshoot ever.
  9. I guess I have to give an introduction before I reply to this. I've barely seen the segments of VSFS 2016, so no comments about that until I watch the full thing. I'm giving my opinion on a few things, especially marketing if VS in India, and a little about Asia. I understand Indian market better, so I'll talk about it a lot. I'm from India and I agree with some of these points. Elsa can sell the brand better, atleast to the Indian market. She's striking as hell, people will line up to meet her at meet and greets. The PR will work in VS's favour. The problem is, VS lingerie is way too expensive for common folk, so the target is the upper class, which is around 2% of Indian population, considering that the population is around 1.25 billion, that's a lot of people. These are rough estimates, and some upper middle class people can be tempted to buy VS produsts. Someone like Elsa can sell the brand, but Taylor can literally make VS in India atleast. Alessandra and Adriana too for that extent, but Taylor is younger. The preference in India is simply put- Light eyed brunettes with clear skin (read white). Sara Sampaio is also a good choice. There is actually a Portuguese speaking state (Goa) so she could be a hit. Monika Jagaciak too, but she left VS. There is this Polish actress that just debuted in India who blew up, they could have capitalized on that. Martha's features are way too sharp, Stella, Jasmine and Lily (Aldridge) are not curvy enough, Taylor has the time. Joshephine can promote, but she's and active LGBT rights ambassador, and that could get real ugly real fast. The last thing you want in VS is Indian politics. Just google LGBT rights in India, It's pretty screwed up. Lais is just not the 'type', so she's a bad choice. There is this thing in India- A lot of people think of VS as prestigious, maybe they can capitalize on that. Personally, I don't know about the rest of Asia, but if VS wants to aggressively market in China, they need to have an Asian angel. I think China is a better market than India, TBH. Indians value pricing over quality, but if some other lingerie bigwig that competes with VS makes it big in India, I don't think I can explain why. H & M are making their moves, just a few days ago they launched one of their stores in a mall I went to. I'll have to check if they sell lingerie there (they didn't launch when I was there, they launched it the next week). I'll check the prices too, and if you want me to tell you if it's feasible or anything you can ask me. Dunno about any other country, but the demographic that Thailand and the Phillipines would go for is an angel of a cuter face. Just a statement. The lowdown is- They should have an Asian Angel if they want to make it big in China. Get Taylor, Elsa & Sara to promote in India. Taylor Hill can make VS in India. If VS wants to promote in South Korea, get Barbara Palvin. (Abysmally huge fan base) I guess that's it.
  10. What I think honestly, even been a huge fan of Monika, I believe that she was dropped by VS. I believe the reasons was one of the following, even if how ridiculous they might sound (They are quite ridiculous though, they need a spoiler for mediocrity)- 1: She was not bubbly enough for VS. (Same for Katya) 2: Her Instagram followers did not swell up like the rest of the angels. 3: Being a 'contract model' for a really long period of time, she was not 'good' enough to be a spokesperson for VS. This entire post is strictly my observation. I know how insensitive and stupid this sounds, but this is what I've gathered from these few months.
  11. On that front GuessGirl, I think everyone agrees. Her eyes are green, as far as I know.
  12. Well, a big nose in India is considered to be a sign of prosperity.
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