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  1. Thanks for all the updates
  2. She is currently self-isolating at her Los Angeles home that she purchased last October .
  3. Also let me add VS collaborated with a few designers in the past .I hope they back off too and stay away from a brand that treats employees like crap.
  4. Thanks for posting . Models deserve to be in a good work environment and wish them all continued success .
  5. What I'm trying to explain in my past posts : VS angels will become distinct in a matter of when not if . Grace and Alexina are well suited for lingerie but they came around at the wrong time .
  6. Dont know but I suggest to them that they better start looking for other clients
  7. I hate how instagram has influenced the model industy .It takes just one product for an influencer to advertise with a well known brand to be called a model.
  8. Now do any of you believe VS is going to have fashion show this year 2020 ? I highly doubt it .
  9. I found this model from a bridal magazine years ago and she was def. photogrpahed by Warwick Saint .
  10. She has no chance against Grace or Barbara . Her runway walk is somewhat average and she doesn't have this 'Spokesmodel ' personality . It would not surprise me if she gets outshined at the next VSF .
  11. She is such beauty .I have known her for over a decade though barely followed up with her . I would be very excited for her to get pregnant !
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